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The 12 lessons of Week 4: The Jets have (maybe) finally found their quarterback franchise

The Bills Mafia also knows how to be generous

When we think at the Bills Mafia, the words that come up most often are “passion” and “madness”. But Buffalo supporters also know how to be generous, the proof in recent days. On the sidelines of the Tua Tagovailoa case, more than 1,000 donations have been made by Bills fans to the Dolphins quarterback’s foundation.

As a reminder, Tua was initially injured against Buffalo in Week 3 on a head-to-ground impact. That didn’t stop him from finishing the game and starting the next Thursday against Cincinnati, in which he suffered a concussion that forced him to go to hospital after being evacuated on a stretcher. Match he obviously should never have played knowing that the neurologist who gave him the green light has just been fired after making “several errors”.

Since then, the NFL and players’ union have found common ground to update concussion protocols…

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Will Lutz is the unluckiest man of the weekend

28-25 for the Vikings, two seconds to play in the very first game of the season in London, Will Lutz on the field goal to equalize on a kick from 61 yards… Post, cross, and it falls into the end zone. aim. The disappointment is huge, but it’s a nice tribute to the land of soccer.

Zach Wilson is the quarterback the Jets have been waiting for

Absent for the first three weeks of the season, the second choice of the 2021 Draft Zach Wilson made his comeback yesterday in Pittsburgh. And amid the ups and downs that naturally accompanied his first game, he showed he had the shoulders to lead the Jets to success.

Already author of a touchdown reception (first quarterback in Jets history to receive a touchdown) and another pass, Wilson was hyper clutch in the last four minutes of the game. The sophomore quarterback effectively managed his final drive like a boss as New York trailed 17-20 on Steelers grounds, allowing his team to take the lead 16 seconds from time on a Breece Hall touchdown. The latter did not hesitate to pay tribute to his young teammate.

“He has really big balls. You can tell he believes in himself. »

Enough to steal the show from Kenny Pickett, who had taken the place of Mitch Trubisky and who imagined himself giving the victory to Pittsburgh.

The Ravens can’t keep a score

In Sunday’s clash against the Bills, Baltimore led 20-3 in the first half and looked set to claim a third win in four games. Final result ? 23-20 for Buffalo, and a scenario that is reminiscent of that of the second week against the Dolphins where the Ravens fell in front of their public after having counted up to 21 points in advance.

The attack led by Lamar Jackson experienced a real setback in the second period (zero points scored, two interceptions), and John Harbaugh’s decision to play a fourth down instead of shooting the field goal four minutes from the end turned against Baltimore. The Ravens are now 2-2 when they could easily be unbeaten and top of the AFC North.

Dak Prescott doesn’t need to rush his comeback

When the Cowboys lost their first game along with Dak Prescott on opening day to Tampa Bay, we weren’t giving a damn. Since ? Dallas is simply undefeated thanks to the exploits of its defense but also a Cooper Rush which perfectly fulfills its role as interim.

As the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, Rush is four wins in four games. This season, he sent four touchdowns without losing the slightest ball and thus allows Dallas to be in a very good dynamic while waiting for the return of Prescott.

Lions ‘defense’ can turn any quarterback into a Hall of Famer

132.6. Here is Geno Smith’s rating against the Lions on Sunday.

The Seattle quarterback, author of a very honorable start to the season by his standards, had fun against the Lions by sending two touchdowns in the air with 320 yards on the clock (23/30) and another on the ground (7 runs, 49 yards). Under his leadership, the Seahawks planted… 48 points in Detroit without ever punter when they were limited to only 15.6 on average over the first three games of the season.

After this new open day at the Lions (35.3 points conceded per game since the start of the season), there may soon be two or three changes in the staff…

Parity may never have been stronger in the NFL

One of the reasons we love the NFL so much is that anything is possible every weekend and parity usually rules the league. This is particularly the case at the start of the 2022 season. After four weeks, more than one team out of 32 is undefeated (the Eagles at 4-0), only the Houston Texans have not yet won a single game. , and no less than 13 franchises have a balanced record of 2 wins – 2 losses.

The Cardinals still don’t know how to start a game

7-23, 0-20, 6-13, 3-10. Here’s the halftime score in each of the Cardinals’ first four games this season. Led each time by a minimum touchdown, Kyler Murray’s team has taken on the very bad habit of chasing after the score. Fortunately, when you play Baker Mayfield like this Sunday, you can still get away with it and win the game, but Arizona will have to correct things quickly.

Bears can’t pass forward, so they pass back

In a game between Justin Fields and Daniel Jones where the Giants finally ended the game without a quarterback (no joke), the aerial game was clearly not there. Fortunately, the Bears gave us this masterclass in the final seconds.

It’s Bailey Zappe time!

Mac Jones forfeited and Brian Hoyer quickly released through injury, it was the young Bailey Zappe who was in charge of the Patriots attack yesterday to face Aaron Rodgers on the Green Bay field. And we can say that he did pretty well: 10/15 passing, 99 yards, 1 touchdown, 0 interception (1 fumble lost), all in a match that New England almost won to everyone’s surprise. .

A performance that deserves a first tenure for the rookie drafted in the fourth round a few months ago. With the Lions in sight, it would be a great reward for Zappe.

The Eagles have more than one trick up their sleeves

The only undefeated team at the start of the NFL season, the Eagles are full of resources. On the sidelines of the hyper attractive performances of Jalen Hurts, we saw the receivers AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith shine in turn and even sometimes together, we also saw the defense being decisive against Minnesota and Washington, and yesterday against Jacksonville it is running back Miles Sanders who stood out with 134 yards rushing and two touchdowns.

Carried by their runner but also a defense that was able to knock Trevor Lawrence out of his little cloud, the Eagles came back from a 14-0 deficit in the rain to chain a fourth consecutive victory. Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Pat Mahomes continues to push the boundaries

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