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Support DNA of Sports: a new bookmark is here!

There is still something new in the Tipeee prize pool this year.

The DNA of Sports bookmark was sold out last year. So here is a new version!

To find out all this, head to our Tipeee kitty. Other rewards are always available

Don’t forget monthly donations

While enthusiasm for new products is normal and understandable, don’t forget that small donations of one or two euros on a regular basis are just as important. So don’t hesitate.

This year again, the Tipeee prize pool is donated in various forms to volunteers who contribute to the site, in particular for bonuses for podcast participants and graphic designers, as well as financing the team’s annual meal.

She also contributes to purchases and sending goodies that feed the Tipeee page.

How to help?

The principle is simple, just register and choose how much you want to donate each month. It may very well be just a single euro. Small torrents make big rivers! If you no longer feel like paying, you can stop or change the amount at any time. In particular, it is possible to use Paypal.

Everyone has their own vision of the press, and we know that some of our readers prefer to give a few euros and block advertising. We understand this very well.

Everything remains free on the site. Everyone will have access to the same content. It is simply a matter of supporting the life of the site for those who can and those who want to. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to do anything.


Support DNA of Sports on Tipeee

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