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Super Bowl LVI: ticket prices collapse

Did you buy a $5,600 ticket to the Super Bowl earlier this week? Bad business.

On Thursday, ticket prices for the Big Game plunged. $3,400 at TickPick, around $3,500 at TicketIQ.

While the rates tended to go up over the week leading up to the game in the last Super Bowls, it has therefore dropped for the moment.

Akshay Khanna, general manager of the StubHub site, assures Yahoo that the presence of the Rams in the match could be one of the explanations. With their team’s game being played closer to home, Rams fans have more time than others to decide whether or not to come. Prices could therefore rise in the last few days if they all decide at the same time.

It remains all the same also possible that the poster interests less. Or that more and more people are getting their hands on Super Bowl tickets only to resell them. And an increasing inventory means falling prices.

Perhaps the problem of this little game of speculation would not arise if the NFL decided to sell the places transparently live to the supporters.

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