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Seahawks – Raiders (34-40 years): Las Vegas hero Josh Jacobs

Seattle Seahawks (6-5) – Las Vegas Raiders (4-7): 34-40 AP

In a meeting where the biggest gap has never exceeded 8 points, the two teams answered each other constantly, offering a crossover and an undecided scenario until the end. And what better for a meeting that is looking for a winner than extra time? Like an evening already largely successful, Josh Jacobs (33 races, 229 yards, 2 TDs, 6 receptions, 74 yards) pierces the Seahawks to give victory to his team. Twice shy (to put it mildly) at the end of each half, coach Josh McDaniels leaves victorious but still does not reassure on his ability to lead and lead his team and can thank the individual talent of his stars.


If the interception launched by Derek Carr on the first snap and immediately transformed into a touchdown by Kenneth Walker, could have set the tone for a difficult evening for the Raiders, it especially started a disjointed game where the teams went blow for blow without ever gaining the upper hand.

Despite this catastrophic start and a brief exit following a shock, the Vegas quarterback was able to put Ameer Abdullah in orbit for the equalizer and then find Mack Hollins a little later to take the advantage. Meanwhile, Carr also found the hands of Seahawks safety, Quandre Diggs, for the second time.

Opposite, Geno Smith is not left out when it comes to blowing hot and cold. After a free warning in the 1st quarter, he was indeed intercepted on a nasty throw. Jacobs punishes him immediately with a small number in the heart of the Seattle lines before spinning to the touchdown. 13-21

The fight until the end

But the Osprey quarterback also knows how to be precise, like his very nice corner pass for Tyler Lockett. The crossover continues after returning from the locker room. In a rugby style, Kenneth Walker led by a mall of his teammates scored his second touchdown of the evening. But if the runner concludes the actions, the ground game produces too little and leaves the responsibility of the play to Smith. And it pays, Smith gains a lot of yards and leads his attack in the red zone. Travis Homer makes his way to give back the advantage to his people. 34-27

Las Vegas is back to the wall. Limited to only 3 points since the break, Carr chooses to rely on Davante Adams, discreet until then. And it works. Arrived at 5 yards from the goal, the quarterback connects with Foster Moreau to return to height. A defensive stop even gives the Raiders the chance to go for the win with 40 seconds left on the clock. But Josh McDaniels decides otherwise. The head coach lets the clock run out to go play extra time. A lack of courage that goes unpunished. Despite a sterile inaugural possession, Josh Jacobs crucified the Seahawks defense and went to the victorious touchdown.

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