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Seahawks – Panthers (24-30): Carolina runners blow up Seattle

Seattle Seahawks (7-6) – Carolina Panthers (5-8): 24-30

Two minutes from the final whistle, the Panthers add a new field goal to then lead 30 to 17 and take shelter permanently. These three points, the Panthers went to get them on the ground with 9 races called in a row and Seattle couldn’t do anything to counter that.

Carolina’s ground game was the X factor in the Panthers’ surprise win. With 223 yards and 2 touchdowns on the ground, the visitors were able to control the clock and advance throughout the match. The duo Chuba Hubbard (14 races, 74 yards, 1TD) and D’onta Foreman (21 races, 74 yards) will have been dominant in this victory.

The Panthers can also thank their defense which was able to push Geno Smith (21/36, 264 yards, 3TD, 2INT) on several occasions.

The Panthers bare their claws

The Panthers jumped at Seattle’s throat early on with a head and shoulders dominated first quarter.

Offensively, Carolina connects two XXL series: the first with 13 actions and 8 minutes of possession for a field goal at the end (0-3); the second sees the Panthers recover 74 yards in 7 minutes with a touchdown run from Hubbard.

Meanwhile, in defense, the visitors intercept Geno Smith on his first pass of the match. The excellent Jaycee Horn comes out of his box and even returns the ball to 13 opposing yards. Caroline will take the opportunity to add a field goal behind.
At the start of the second quarter, Carolina then leads 17 to 0.

But this season, the Seahawks have resources like Geno Smith. If the quarterback makes a few mistakes, he shines above all by his ability not to demobilize. After these blows received, the attack of Seattle returns thanks to these typical big plays. Smith finds Goodwin on 38 yards then Lockett (5rec, 60 yards, 1TD) for a high-level reception for the first local points (7-17).

If a new interception from Smith allows the Panthers to add three points (7-20), Seattle limits the damage in this first half with a new touchdown at the buzzer. The attack quickly goes up the field in two minutes and DK Metcalf (5rec, 71 yards, 1TD) receives the leather in the endzone to bring his people to 14-20 before returning to the locker room.

Chuba course, course

Back from the locker room, Seattle continues its return to the scoreboard with a field goal to return to 17-20. Only this rise of the Seahawks stops dead in this second half.

The locals chain three punts including two 3rd & out without ever finding the fault against the defense of the Panthers. It is only at the very end of the match that Seattle will manage to add points on a reception-toucdown from Goodwin. But 16 seconds from the end, the damage is done…

Carolina on her side finds rhythm in attack by insisting on the ground. The Panthers will multiply the races and succeed thanks to this game plan to register a field goal and an additional touchdown through Raheem Blackshear. Points and a score gap that Seattle will not be able to overcome.

With the win, Carolina is back to a win for the still-leading Buccaneers in the NFC South. The Panthers can therefore always dream of qualifying for the final stages.

On the Seattle side, Pete Caroll’s men confirm that they are a little tough with a 3rd defeat in 4 games. With 28.5 points conceded on average per game in this series, it is not very difficult to find the person responsible or the axis of progress if Seattle wants to relaunch a positive dynamic for a place in the playoff.

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