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Rob Gronkowski: “I am not ready to return to the field at the moment”

While Tom Brady left and came back, Rob Gronkowski said nothing. And he’s still not ready to make an announcement.

This is what he told TMZ on Tuesday. Present at a charity event last weekend, the Gronk did not even participate in the proposed activities.

“I knew if I started catching passes, my head would start spinning and I would be like, ‘Oh crap, I have to get back on the pitch. “Currently, I am not ready to return to the field. I am not ready to commit to football. ”

There is no fire. If the Buccaneers’ offseason activities are about to begin, Gronkowski has enough familiarity with Brady and the offensive system led by Byron Leftwitch to wait out summer camp if he wants.

In the meantime, the 32-year-old has other plans. On April 29, in Las Vegas, for example, he will organize “Gronk Beach”, a big party that will take place while the Draft is in town.

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