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Ravens: Lamar Jackson asks to be transferred!

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are growing further and further apart

The separation seems definitely consumed between the Ravens and Lamar Jackson!

The player announced on his Twitter account on Monday that he asked the Ravens to trade him. A request that even dates back to March 2.

“On March 2, I asked the Ravens to transfer me. The Ravens weren’t interested in paying me what I was worth. Anyone who has met me or knows me knows that I love American football and that my dream is to help a team win the Super Bowl. You are great (his supporters, editor’s note), but I had to make a work decision that was best for my family and me. »

Concretely, what is next for the player and the franchise? On the one hand, with this announcement, it’s hard to see Baltimore and the player continuing together. The Ravens have tagged their franchise tag on Lamar Jackson. This means that they have the right to match any offers that will be offered to them. But will they do it under these conditions?

And if a team does sign an offer for the former MVP, if the Ravens don’t line up, they’ll have to be given two picks from the first round of the Draft as well.

John Harbaugh procrastinates

Note that this announcement fell just when John Harbaugh had a press briefing planned. The coach therefore had to slalom between the questions.

For the moment, there is no question of letting go of his quarterback.

“I think about Lamar all the time. I think of him as our quarterback. We build our attack around this idea. {…} Obviously you have to plan for all eventualities, but I’m happy with Lamar Jackson. He’s a great player. »

“Lamar is doing a great job in the negotiations. Just like Eric DeCosta (the manager). I know where we are. There is no frustration. »

A little all the same, obviously.

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