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Ravens announce Calais Campbell cut

Calais Campbell brought 5.5 sacks to the Ravens last season, but he won’t play for them again in 2023. The Baltimore franchise officially announced his dismissal on Monday.

“Calais represents everything it is to be a Raven,” said general manager Eric De Costa. “He embodies professionalism, and his contribution, on and off the pitch, is immense.

With his passion, his leadership and his solidity, Calais has undoubtedly produced a career as a Hall of Famer.

Even though it’s the worst part of our business, we haven’t closed the door on the possibility of him returning to the team in the future. »

This departure frees up $7 million in payroll. De Costa leaves the door open which could make it look like it’s just a financial deal before re-signing him for a lower fee.

Campbell is 36 years old. He arrived in Baltimore in 2020.

If he is no longer in his best years, the defensive end can make a solid contribution. It would therefore not be surprising to see several teams try to recruit him.

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