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Randy Gregory’s agent explains why player left Dallas for Denver

Dallas? No, Denver. Within hours on Tuesday, Randy Gregory signed one of free agency’s turnarounds.

Why ?

Peter Schaffer, his agent, told his version of events to Pro Football Talk. According to him, a deal was first in place with the Broncos. The Cowboys would then have counter-attacked, with a phone call from Jerry Jones to the player.

And there, we play on feelings.

“We love you, we will support you. This is the best place for you. We know you, ”the leaders would have explained to the player, according to Schaffer.

The heart speaks, Gregory says “yes” to Dallas.

Except that when the final contract arrives, it’s a cold shower. A clause provides that the money guaranteed to Gregory can be canceled or withheld in the event of a fine imposed by the NFL on Gregory. When you know how easily the league can have the sanction…

“No other team puts that in their contracts. No other. I haven’t seen this in 30 years. “

On the side of the Cowboys, we assure the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that these clauses are placed in all their contracts, with the exception of that of Gregory. It is even said that it was in Gregory’s rookie contract, even if it was never used.

The Broncos did not impose such a clause. Upset by the clause when we had tried to bring him back by playing on the emotional rope, Gregory therefore ended up returning to accept Denver’s offer.

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