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[Preview] Week 4 (Thursday): the Lions new kings of the North?

Kick-off on the night of Thursday to Friday at 2:15 a.m.
Green Bay Packers (2-1) – Detroit Lions (2-1)

The last time Detroit showed up at Lambeau Field was during the week 18 at the very beginning of the calendar year. A final regular season meeting which saw the Lions win away from home by eliminating the Packers from the race for the playoffs. Long dominant in this NFC North, Green Bay has now fallen into line. Last year, the Vikings were crowned champions of this division. This season, Minnesota and Chicago start very late (0 wins for 3 losses). The title could therefore be played between these two teams. This Thursday Night Football becomes all the more important as it could count double at the end of the year.

Jared Goff well protected, but in danger

Even away, Dan Campbell’s men seem favorites. It must be said that since the start of the season, they have been able to maintain the momentum acquired at the end of last year’s competition. Above all, they remain on three consecutive victories against the Packers. A fourth in a row would certainly confirm them as the team to beat in this NFC North. To do this, they will have to rely on what has been their strength since 2022the attack.

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Detroit is one of the teams that gain the most yards in the NFL (381.3 per game, 8th in the league). Above all, danger can come from anywhere since the offensive squad is very balanced with speed in the air (269.7 passing yards per game, 7th in the league) and ground power (111.7 rushing yards, 11th in the league). The Packers are going to have to be complete to slow down this well-oiled machine. The key may lie in the line duel on this side of the field.

For several years now, Detroit’s offensive line has ranked among the best in the NFL. This season, she seems to have started on the same basis. Like the number of sacks conceded since the start of the season by Jared Goff (3 only, only Tua Tagovailoa and Patrick Mahomes do better). Except that on the other hand, Green Bay now specializes in harassing the opposing pitcher. Ask Derek Carr or Jameis Winston who played the entire game last week with a Packers defender in their backfield. Symbol of this performance: Rashan Gary. The pass-rusher recorded 3 sacks against the Saints and could prove to be real poison for the Lions. The duel will be interesting to watch in all.

Jordan Love in the footsteps of Aaron Rodgers?

The fateful bar could also be the figure 20. From 12 matches in a row, the Lions have scored 20 points or more. By surpassing this mark again this Thursday, they would equal the franchise record which dates back to 1995. Problem, opposite, the Packers only concede very few points. On the last 8 matches of Matt Lafleur’s men, only the Falcons (in week 2) managed to exceed the 20 points. The Packers will not only rely on defense during this meeting. On the other side of the ball, Jordan Love and his team have some great arguments to make. The quarterback hasn’t done everything perfectly since the start of the season, but he was able to raise his level of play when it became necessary.

Facing a defense that generally concedes a lot of points and yards in the air, Jordan Love will be crucial to keep up with the pace imposed by the Lions. If he followed in the footsteps of his illustrious predecessor by beating the Bears, Aaron Rodgers’ favorite victims at the time, he will have to win the division quickly to continue the comparison. From this Thursday Night Football, the quarterback has the opportunity, in prime-timeto show that it will be necessary (always) count on him and his team in this NFC North.

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