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Panthers – Saints (22-14): the floor is on the defense!

Carolina Panthers (1-2) – New Orleans Saints (1-2): 22-14

First victory of the season for the Panthers! In a match where the attacks had the greatest difficulty in being productive, the locals were able to count on their defense which was able to make the necessary stops and above all cause the loss of opposing balls with 1 fumble returned in touchdown and 2 interceptions. Decisive defensive actions for Carolina’s victory.

Carolina playing alone

The Panthers can thank their defense in this first half. The local defense left the Saints no chance by multiplying the defensive stops quickly (Three 3rd and out in a row for New Orleans) and especially by scoring the first touchdown of the match! Under pressure from Luvu, Alvin Kamara (15 carries, 61 yards) lost the ball and saw Haynes go up 44 yards for the 7-0 touchdown.

This defensive performance has made life easier for an attack still in its infancy… Indeed, as often this season, the Panthers gain a few yards but block when concluding. Carolina therefore manages to score two field goals in the middle of several punts. Enough to lead 13-0 against a Saints team still invisible offensively.

The performance of the Saints is like this missed field goal just before returning to the locker room.

Waking up too late for New Orleans

Despite a difficult recovery for the Saints with a new failed field goal, the New Orleans team finally wakes up when it ends up scoring its first points of the evening at the start of the last quarter! After 10 actions, it is Mark Ingram who comes to conclude on a full center race while power for the touchdown (13-7).

Unfortunately for them, the defense misses on the next drive, leaving Laviska Shenault (2rec, 90 yards, 1TD) to transform a short pass from Baker Mayfield (12/25, 170 yards, 1TD) into a 67-yard reception-race for the touchdown (19-7, missed 2-point conversion). The match definitely turns when on the next drive Jameis Winston (25/41, 353 yards, 1TD, 2INT) is intercepted in his camp.
Behind Carolina adds a field goal to lead 22-9 and take cover enough against this Saints attack. Winston will make fans dream a little with a touchdown for Callaway (22-14) a few minutes from the end.

Except that the Panthers manage to return the ball to their opponents with only a few seconds on the clock and a last desperate pass from the Saints quarterback will end up being intercepted.

It was ugly, but Carolina has at least its first victory of the season. For the Saints, if the defense does the job, the attack continues to stammer. Andy Dalton’s time may have come.

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