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NFL Playoffs: Week 15 Qualifying Scenarios

Second chance for Kansas City who have their destiny in their hands this time to do a double blow.

Fifteenth week, and the fight for qualification in the playoffs is raging. Here are the teams that have the opportunity to qualify this week.

The Cowboys, 49ers and Bills join the Vikings and Chiefs who have a second chance to qualify for the playoffs.

AFC Conference

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (10-3) (@Houston (1-11-1))

Kansas City wins the AFC West Division if:

1) KC wins OR
2) Chargers lose OR
3) Draw KC + Draw Chargers

Kansas City qualifies for the playoffs if:

1) Draw KC + Jets lose + Patriots lose OR
2) Draw KC + Dolphins lose + Patriots lose + Draw Jets OR
3) Draw KC + Dolphins lose + Jets lose + Draw Patriots

BUFFALO BILLS (10-3) (vs. Miami (8-5))

Buffalo qualifies for the playoffs if:

1) BUF wins OR
2) BUF + Chargers draw loses OR
3) BUF draw + Jets lose + Patriots lose OR
4) BUF draw + Jets lose + Patriots draw + Chargers draw

NFC Conference

Qualified: Philadelphia Eagles – playoffs

MINNESOTA VIKINGS (10-2) (vs. Indianapolis (4-8-1))

Minnesota wins the NFC North Division if:

1) MIN wins or draws OR
2) Lions lose or draw

DALLAS COWBOYS (10-3) (@Jacksonville (5-8))

Dallas qualifies for the playoffs if:
1) DAL wins OR
2) Draw DAL + Winner Giants/Commanders OR
3) Draw DAL + Seahawks lose or draw OR
4) Seahawks lose + Lions lose or draw OR
5) Seahawks lose + Commanders lose

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (9-4) (@Seattle (7-6))

San Francisco wins the NFC West Division if:
1) SF wins

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