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NFL Game Pass is switching to DAZN

Change of house for the NFL streaming platform.

In the world of the NFL, it’s not just the players that can be transferred, the NFL Game Pass too. In any case, this is what happened this summer with the passage of NFL Game Pass accounts on the DAZN streaming platform. With the announcement a few months ago of the agreement between the NFL and DAZN for the distribution of Game Pass International for 10 years, we suspected that there would be change. It is now official.

Starting today, NFL fans will now have to go through the DAZN app to watch all the usual content (Matches, replay, RedZone, NFL Networks, archives…). The Game Pass will still be available as a subscription only, or included in the rest of the DAZN offer.

For people who already subscribe to Game Pass, don’t panic. Switching is done in a few clicks, with simply creating a new password. Many have even already received the email announcing the change.

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