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Michael Thomas is on the start and lights up the Saints

With his contract expected to be cut by his franchise, Michael Thomas turned on a reporter and the Saints on X.

Michael Thomas is expected to leave the Saints. This Thursday, Jeff Duncan of announced that New Orleans would soon part ways with its receiver. The news is not official, but the player took it upon himself to respond. And without fully confirming, he implied it was true.

“How could they release me if I was on a one-year contract? “, Thomas wrote on X, referring to the obscure contractual mechanism of his signing last year.

This allowed the Saints to extend the duration of the sums guaranteed to players, but it was understood that it would only last one year. The player could indeed receive 30 million in guarantees if the contract continued. However, he only signed 39 receptions for 448 yards this season. In the current scenario, the Saints would “only” lose 20 million caps. And a new extension is therefore apparently not on the agenda.

2019 and then that’s it?

How to part with good friends? Not really. Michael Thomas took the opportunity to ignite Duncan, and his frankness with it, accusing the first of spreading false rumors about mood swings which would have convinced the Saints to part ways with the player, and the second of releasing information to lower his value .

“Jeff Duncan is a whore. (…) The Saints are dropping information on him to try to ruin the value of the players. I'm not poor, I can talk about it. He is poor and needs clicks,” wrote the player.

Not sure that this behavior reassures the franchises when the player has never played again at a level close to that which he had in 2019 when breaking the record for receptions over a year of 16 games (149).

“Drew played for over 20 years, I’m the only one who did that,” the player recalled on X, emphasizing his glorious past.

At 31, he will have to relaunch in another franchise if he wants to be able to write his career again in the present.

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