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Lions – Packers (15-9): Aaron Rodgers’ swan song

Detroit Lions (2-6) – Green Bay Packers (3-6): 15-9

Faced with Lions who have collected more than 32 pts on average since the start of the season, the Green Bay attack waited until the end of the 3rd quarter to unlock its counter. An attack still as weak, unable to conclude, led by an increasingly nervous quarterback, and above all far from his usual standards. And as a misfortune never comes alone, Green Bay was also decimated by injuries throughout the match, successively losing many holders: Doubs, Stokes, Bakhtiari, Gary and Aaron Jones.

However, two minutes from the end and led by only 6 points, the Packers had their destiny in their hands. And as a symbol, the attack to stall in the red zone after 4 failed attempts. A fifth loss in a row that pushes the Wisconsin franchise even further into crisis.

A goal line story

The first half could be reduced to only games on the goal line. If the Lions opened the ball by failing on a 4th attempt at 1 yard, perfectly stopped by the defense, the Packers then distinguished themselves by their inefficiency and their errors. Usually so clean, Aaron Rodgers (23/43, 291 yards, 1 TD, 3 Int) decidedly lost his football in 2022. A first interception launched after sending the leather on an opponent’s helmet annihilates an interesting start who had led them to the mark line. Then a second on an attempted pass to his offensive lineman David Bakhtiairi that rookie Aidan Hutchinson easily intercepted. Again stopping on a 4th attempt, Matt LaFleur and his quarterback are paralyzed unable to produce anything and again abandoning the ground game and Aaron Jones.

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Dan Campbell gives them the lesson at the very end of the first period. First with a perfectly drawn game, tight end Shane Zylstra totally lonely captures the touchdown. Then on the 2-point conversion where Jamaal Williams easily pierces the white and gold curtain.

Detroit resists

After the break, the Packers aren’t much more inspired. After an entry punt, Jaire Alexander intercepts Goff and offers the ball to his quarterback 25 yards from the line. A gift that Rodgers turns into… interception. But further good defensive work allows the Packers to quickly regain possession. This time the reigning MVP finds Lazard for the touchdown. But unlike their opponent, Green Bay fails on the 2-point conversion. The Lions respond immediately on a reception from James Mitchell. After spending the first act doing nice things to each other, both teams are sharper. With headlining a reinvigorated Rodgers in the image of a magnificent race of 18 yards as in his finest hours. But once again, the attack liquefies in the red zone and only leaves with 3 points.

And if the defense sometimes has absences, it still has the merit of keeping Green Bay alive. By containing Goff again on a 4th attempt, possession is returned to Rodgers with just 2 minutes on the clock. More than enough. But like this first half of the season, the attack is unable to materialize, and fails in the red zone.

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