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Lamar Jackson (Ravens): “I’m not frustrated, I’m angry”

Lamar Jackson will likely win his second MVP trophy in a few days. But the Super Bowl still refuses him.

Sunday was his first time reaching the AFC Conference Finals with the Ravens. If the defense did its part of the job by holding the Chiefs to 17 points, Lamar Jackson and his squad only scratched 10 small units.

Obviously, the atmosphere was not festive after the meeting.

“I'm not frustrated at all,” Jackson told reporters. “I’m upset that I lost. We were at a Super Bowl game. We waited all this time, we had all these great moments for an opportunity like this, and we failed. But I think our team will build on that. This offseason we're going to progress and try to be in that position again, but on the winning side. »

While waiting for the offseason, the Ravens did not have a good Sunday night.

“On offense, we didn’t do enough. We only scored once. It's not us. We gained yards, that's cool, but we have to score points. I think my team is pissed,” Jackson reiterated. “We're not frustrated, we're just upset, because we know how hard we worked to get here. »

Learn and move forward

Author of a fumble a few centimeters from the end zone, Zay Flowers signed one of the most important actions of the match. And not in a good way.

For him, he will also have to digest.

“I thought I had crossed the line,” he explained to the press. “But I will learn from my mistakes. »

He will be able to count on veteran Odell Beckham, who was there to cheer him up after the match.

“I was telling Zay that he's going to be a special player, and that this is a moment that will pass. It's not going to break him. It will harden him,” assured OBJ.

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