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Jonathan Gannon takes the reins of the Cardinals!

Philadelphia loses its second coordinator of the day.

The Eagles’ difficult second half in the Super Bowl will not have affected his rating. According to ESPN and NFL Network, Jonathan Gannon, the Eagles defensive coordinator, has been chosen by the Cardinals to become their next head coach.

After the recruitment of their offensive coordinator Shane Steichen by the Colts, the Eagles therefore lose their second coordinator on Tuesday for a position of head coach. At 40, Gannon therefore takes on the position of head coach for the first time after having worked with the defenses of Philadelphia, the Vikings, the Colts, the Titans and the Falcons.

In Arizona, he will have the heavy task of reviving a struggling team, led by a Kyler Murray whose behavior has been singled out. His first mission will be to make his choice in the draft: the franchise has the third choice.

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