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Jets – Bills (20-17): Josh Allen in the Sauce

New York Jets (6-3) – Buffalo Bills (6-2): 20-17

Like what, even the very best can get through. Josh Allen (18/34, 205 yards, 2 INTs, 9 rushes, 86 yards, 2 TDs) demonstrated this perfectly tonight. Yet effective in the race, his passing game was far from the standards to which he has accustomed us. Facing a young Jets team without complex, Buffalo outplayed both sides of the field, while Robert Saleh’s men continue to surprise everyone.

The meeting starts badly for the Bills. After a long pass for Stefon Diggs, which takes Buffalo to the red zone very quickly, Josh Allen completely misses his pass and is intercepted by Jordan Whitehead. The beginning of a long evening for the quarterback. If he catches up quickly thanks to his qualities on the ground, registering two touchdowns, Allen simply does not arrive there in the air. Blame it in part on a defense of the Jets in the oven and the mill, which put a monster pressure on him (5 sacks) and left little room for maneuver to Buffalo receivers.

The Jets had nothing to lose, and it showed. After a game completely missed last week against the Patriots, Zach Wilson (18/25, 154 yards, 1 TD) got back on the right track with a performance, without being extraordinary, more than decent. His connection with his namesake Garrett Wilson (8 rec, 92 yards) seemed natural. The attack was mainly intelligently based on runners in full swing, including Michael Carter (12 races, 76 yards, 1 TD), who seemed unstoppable.

However, at halftime, it is the Bills who lead in the score, thanks to the races of Josh Allen.

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And suddenly comes Sauce

The second act does not start well for New York. After a drive of more than 8 minutes, the Jets find themselves on Buffalo’s 18 yards. This is the moment chosen by the inevitable Von Miller to get out of his box, sacker Zach Wilson and make him lose the ball, which will be recovered by AJ Epenesa. A fumble which will, fortunately for the Jets, be without consequences, since only two games later, Josh Allen throws a pass to Gabriel Davis without seeing the arrival of the rookie Sauce Gardner, who does not hesitate to intercept the Bills quarterback. With a new immediate chance in the 20 opposing yards, New York does not hesitate and scores a touchdown by the new recruit, James Robinson.

Neither team will score touchdowns in the rest of the game, contenting themselves with a field goal each, the last for the Jets which gives them the advantage at 1:43 of the term. The moment for Josh Allen to miraculously go up the field to give victory to his team? We believed it, the time of a splendid pass to Stefon Diggs, before the game was called back for an offensive holding by tackle Dion Dawkins. The result is a defense of the Jets which responds present at the best time, and a surprise victory for New Yorkers.

Jacksonville and Atlanta last year, New York this season, sometimes Josh Allen misses some games. If this is not worrying for the sporting future of the Bills, the quarterback will have to work on this plan if he wants to win the MVP trophy. He who was leader of our ranking this week, he will probably lose places.

The Jets continue to be one of the great surprises of this 2022 season. With a young and talented group, the future looks bright on the side of the Big Apple. If they continue on this pace, they could even qualify for the first time since 2010 for the playoffs. An NFL-wide eternity. And that would be well deserved.

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