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Jaguars – Ravens (7-23): Magic Jackson

Jacksonville Jaguars (8-6) – Baltimore Ravens (11-3): 7-23

The Ravens defense held the game for a long time. But we had to make the difference in attack. This is where Lamar Jackson (14/24, 171 yards, 1 TD, 1 int – 12 races, 97 yards)) arrives. At the end of the third quarter, while Jacksonville was only three points behind (7-10), the former MVP seemed to be sacked. Missed ! He breaks out of Dawuane Smoot's hands, gains time and finds Isaiah Likely (5 rec, 70 yards, 1 TD) for a 26-yard first down.

Two actions later, on the first action of the last period, Gus Edwards (16 races, 58 yards, 1 TD) scores the touchdown to make it 17-7. Enough for this time. The defense and the foot of Justin Tucker finish off the Jaguars who are far too clumsy to pretend to overthrow the team in the best shape of the moment in the AFC. The Ravens are also the first team in the conference to secure a place in the playoffs.

The Ravens are banking on the ground

42 races for 24 passes. The game plan was pretty clear for Baltimore. In any case he ended up being one. After the first aerial offensives marked by failures and an interception, the Ravens put the ball in the hands of their runners from the second quarter. And it works. Gus Edwards and Keaton Mitchell (9 races, 73 yards) combine the gains. Jackson finds Likely for the conclusion on a 16-yard pass. It's the first touchdown of the match, just before the break (0-10).

Trevor Lawrence (25/43, 264 yards, 1 TD) and his troop are much less successful. If they accumulate yards, they also add up the errors. Two missed field goals and a rather inexplicable fumble by Lawrence in the first half.

The Jaguars only scratch once

Returning from the locker room, Jamal Agnew scores on a 65-yard reception and his team finally gets back together (7-10). The defense even recovers the ball in stride.

This will only be a very temporary clearing. After a punt from Jacksonville, Lamar Jackson pulls out his illusionist act to lead to the decisive touchdown.

Jacksonville will not recover. Worse, Lawrence once again lost the ball on a sack from Justin Madubuike, one of the great leaders of Maryland's defense this season.

This defeat forces the Jaguars to see the Texans and Colts come back at the top of the AFC South. Worse, Lawrence was placed in the concussion protocol after the game.

The Ravens are much calmer, with a place in the playoffs assured. The only downside of the evening was the injuries. Explosive Keaton Mitchell suffered a knee injury and his season is over. Ronnie Stanley is out with a concussion and Kyle Hamilton is suffering from adductor pain.

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