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High class: the Jets present their new jerseys

It's neo. It's retro. It is very beautiful.

The New York Jets will start the 2024 season with new hope of seeing Aaron Rodgers shine. But also with something very concrete: a new jersey.

This Monday, the franchise formalized its return to a much more refined style.

Goodbye to the outfits used since 2019, which displayed the name of the city on the chest and a modern style. Return to the green, white and black called “heritage” by the franchise. A nod to the “Sack Exchange” period of 1979-89. With a modernized version of the logo.

Two bands on the arms. One on the legs. Simple and effective numbers.

Jets follow Browns trend

More modern jerseys with the name of the city on the front are a trend that will last a long time. The Browns attempted the adventure in 2015, with a result that was far from unanimous. Ultimately, the Cleveland franchise ended up returning to its traditional design in 2020.

The modern adventure had also been unfortunate for the Buccaneers, guilty of the “alarm clock” jerseys from 2014 to 2020. Just in time for the arrival of Tom Brady, they had returned to their most popular outfits.

In the camp of those who are betting on the very modern, there now remain the Falcons, Seahawks and Rams, whose designs are probably the most divisive in the NFL.

The new New York Jets jerseys

New York Jets green jersey New York Jets white jersey New York Jets black jersey

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