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[Free agency] Receivers and tight ends: experience to spare

Before the free agency, DNA of Sports offers you its traditional Top 5 free agents which will be available at each position on March 16. Overview, with receivers and tight ends.

In a league increasingly focused on aerial play, players capable of catching the leather are increasingly important and the depth of a group of targets for the quarterback has become a real focus for the franchises.

With the withdrawal from the market of the main receivers (Davante Adams, Chris Godwin…) and tight ends (Mike Gesicki, Dalton Schultz…), the 2022 class is not devoid of interest with experienced players and some interesting bets.

1 – Allen Robinson – 28 years old

2021 stats (12 games played): 38 receptions, 410 yards, 1 touchdown

With the extensions of star receivers, Allen Robinson becomes de facto the most interesting receiver in this class. We are talking about a receiver capable of achieving 3 seasons at more than 1000 yards in attacks without a top quarterback, or even completely defective.

Limited by his speed and a less solid physique, Robinson remains good in any area and capable of successful receptions challenged against many defensive schemes.

The ideal destination: the Ravens

After making the wrong choice to sign with the Bears a few years ago, Robinson could be prioritizing the team’s competitiveness over the money this time around. In this case, the Ravens could be an ideal lead for the player.

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2 – Odell Beckham Jr – 29 years old

2021 stats (14 games played): 44 receptions, 537 yards, 5 touchdowns

What a funny start to OBJ’s career. Started with flying drums, the receiver’s career was gradually lost between “stormy” behavior and a failed adventure in Cleveland.

With a kind of renaissance in Los Angeles, the player has recovered a small coast. In terms of qualities, the receiver remains a great player with assets such as his speed, his “ball skills” or his reliability on very different routes.

The ideal destination: the Rams

Between his “resurrection” and his recent injury to manage, the ideal destination seems to be the Rams for both the player and the team.

3 – Zach Ertz – 31 years old

2021 stats: 74 receptions, 763 yards, 5 touchdowns

Arrived during the season with the Cardinals, Zach Ertz seemed to “relive” in Arizona, he who saw his performance and statistics drop since 2018.

If he is perhaps not the tight end that we believed, Ertz remains a solid player capable of bringing to his team whether in the passing game or the running game on the receiving phases. or protection.

The ideal destination: the Cardinals

Both sides would benefit from extending the mid-season experience in order to keep some stability for everyone.

4 – Rob Gronkowski – 32 years old

2021 stats: 55 receptions, 802 yards, 5 touchdowns

On talent and experience the Gronk would be largely number 1 of this top. Excellent in all areas of the game and in better physical shape in 2021 than in 2020 (he has probably finished “purging” the excesses of his 1st retirement), the tight end would make any team happy.

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The only thing that puts him 5th is his motivation. Will the player really play in 2022 outside of Tampa and without his sidekick Tom Brady? Hard to say…

The ideal destination: the Titans

We would like to write “the well-deserved retirement”. But if the Gronk ‘wants to continue, he needs a team that plays the title. The Titans would be a good destination: they need reinforcements in this position and the Gronk ‘could quickly fit into the mold in a team with many veterans.

5 – Michael Gallup – 26 years old

2021 stats: 35 receptions, 445 yards, 2 touchdowns (in 9 games)

The youngest player in this top is looking for a nice contract for his first market test. At 26, Gallup was still slowed down in 2021 by injuries and has seen his production decline since 2020.

Nevertheless, the receiver remains a talented player who is particularly effective in creating separation and knowing how to run most of the routes required. He will probably not be a number 1, but a very good number 2 for many teams.

The ideal destination: Washington Commanders

Although the situation at quarterback remains unclear in Washington, the team needs reinforcement in its aerial game and a complement to the excellent Terry McLaurin. Gallup could easily bring to Washington’s aerial game.

Other interesting names: Juju Smith-Schuster, DJ Shark, CJ Uzomah, Jared Cook, Evan Engram, Maxx Williams, OJ Howard,

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