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Falcons in the hunt for Deshaun Watson

The first teams announced close to Deshaun Watson were teams in difficulty on the position of quarterback.

But now more unexpected solutions emerge. With the Browns scheduled to meet Watson on Tuesday, ESPN reports the Falcons are now a team to watch in the race to transfer the Texans star.

Atlanta would even have a meeting scheduled with the player this Wednesday.

More interestingly, ESPN specifies that the player would have contacted the franchise himself.

“All options are open, but it will not be easy”, explains a source within the franchise to our colleagues.

What about Matt Ryan? His huge contract must weigh 48.7 million dollars in payroll. An agreement would have been found to modify it and reduce this figure, but nothing has been officially signed. He could therefore be traded if Watson wishes to come, but Ryan also has a clause allowing him to oppose any trade.

It looks very complicated for the Falcons.

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