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Eagles – Titans (35-10): Jalen Hurts sparkling, AJ Brown untenable

Philadelphia Eagles (10-1) – Tennessee Titans (7-4): 35-10

After dominating on the ground last week, Philadelphia put on a show in the air. Jalen Hurts lined up a flawless passing performance, and the DeVonta Smith / AJ Brown duo meticulously tore the Tennessee guard to pieces. With this performance, you don’t even have to insist on running.

And where the Titans were unable to overcome costly penalties, the Eagles overcame their inaccuracies to prevail head and shoulders. Because with 18 whistled penalties, the match was studded with yellow handkerchiefs. Some were able to deal with it, others not.

For Tennessee things are not getting better. With Derrick Henry once again completely contained, the attack tramples and skates, subjected to a very large green defense and particularly a dominating line. Ryan Tannehill could not find the fault and again showed limitations which left his club breathless against opponents.

Penalties as if it were raining

Philadelphia starts the game strong. Despite several penalties from the green offensive line, Jalen Hurts (29/39, 380 yards, 3 TD on the pass / 24 yards, 1 TD on the ground) wasted no time in connecting with DeVonta Smith (102 yards, 1 TD) for turn on the display board. And the defense is in tune. Focused on Derrick Henry (38 yards), it requires Tennessee to make the difference in the air. Like last week, Ryan Tannehill (14/22, 141 yards 1 TD on the pass / 34 yards on the run) stands out above all for his imprecision and only manages to maintain the drives by making breakaways on the ground. Despite everything, the Titans quarterback managed to equalize by sacrificing Treylon Burks (25 yards, 1 TD) in the center, who paid dearly for his touchdown by being sheared in the paint by the cover. If Philadelphia does not crush the start of the match it is mainly because the penalties continue to weigh down the efforts of the Eagles, to which are added receptions too fair to be validated. It takes a contentious contact between AJ Brown (119 yards, 2 TD) and a cornerback for the winger to escape and allow his club to regain the advantage at the start of the second quarter, 14-7.

The second round continues the momentum of the first, with a rain of yellow handkerchiefs which enamels the game. Some, launched for excessive violence on Hurts on actions of sacks, annoy. In the fray, it was Tennessee who regained momentum first. Tannehill alert Chigoziem Okonkwo (68 yards) on 41 yards and allows Randy Bullock (1/1 FG, 1/1 XP) to pass 3 points. However, this will not be enough since after a new penalty on Brown, Hurts crosses the line on a winding. 21-10 at the whistle.

The Eagles stifle the game

No time to take a breather after returning from the locker room. AJ Brown continues his recital, it only takes 4 actions for the receiver, marked in the body, to make the difference in the in-goal to increase the bill. Moreover the defense of the Eagles is heavy and impermeable, to the point that we believe for a moment that Mike Vrabel will bring in Malik Willis in place of a Tannehill in difficulty with his ankle. Now Philadelphia is rolling. The first downs are linked and the ball approaches the paint. 28-10 at the last change of sides.

Arrived in the red zone, the Eagles stall but convert two fourth attempts and take advantage of a new penalty to further increase the mark. This time it’s Miles Sanders (24 yards, 1 TD) who is responsible for wearing the leather in the in-goal. 35-10, game set and match. Willis and Gardner Minshew enter the lawn to play garbage time, but the cause is heard. Philadelphia starts its month of December well and is really threatening in perspective of the playoffs. Tennessee continues a new defeat and must absolutely ask questions for the post season.

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