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Football News

Eagles: Hasson Reddick as backup

Back home for Hasson Reddick, who studied at Temple, 80 km from Philadelphia. Specializing in attacking the opposing pocket, his 23.5 sacks in two seasons seduced Howie Roseman, the Eagles manager. With an aging Brandon Graham and the only Josh Sweat to play his opposite, the front curtain needs help. And like a Bruce Irvin of the glorious era of Seattle, Hasson Reddick knows how to put the opposing quarterback on the ground, from the second curtain.

In lack of linebackers and in particular to put pressure on opposing quarterbacks with only 29 sacks produced in 2021 (31st total), Philadelphia advantageously replaces a Derek Barnett who has reached the end of his contract. Very athletic player, he missed only one game in 5 seasons with the pros.

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