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Draft: the official list of “underclassmen” candidates in 2023

Three years in college and they’re coming to the NFL. The NFL has released the list of players who have been cleared to run in the next Draft after just three years in the college ranks. They are 69, including CJ Stroud, a quarterback who should be selected very high in the first round.

In addition, 13 additional players will be present without having spent four years at university. But they managed to graduate. A list in which we find Will Anderson and Bryce Young, candidates for first place overall.

It’s a formality for the NFL to allow players to appear in the Draft after three years of college, but the list has the merit of formalizing things.

Players authorized to appear in the Draft without having completed their university course

Name Pos Middle school
1 Abanikanda, Israel RB Pittsburgh
2 Achane, Devon RB Texas A&M
3 Addison, Jordan WR Southern California
4 Anderson, MJ OF Iowa State
5 Anudike-Uzomah, Felix OF kansas state
6 Austin, Alex DB Oregon State
7 Banks, Deonte DB Maryland
8 Bigsby, Tank RB Auburn
9 Boutte, Kayshon WR USL
10 Bradford, Anthony G USL
11 Branch, Brian DB Alabama
12 Bresee, Bryan DT Clemson
13 Carter, Jalen DT georgia
14 Dexter, Gervon DT Florida
15 Downs, Josh WR North Carolina
16 Evans, Zach RB Mississippi
17 Forbes, Emanuel DB Mississippi State
18 Gibbs, Jahmyr RB Alabama
19 González, Christian DB Oregon
20 Harrison, Anthony T Oklahoma
21 Herbig, Nick LB Wisconsin
22 Hill, Brandon DB Pittsburgh
23 Hyatt, Jalin WR Tennessee
24 Jarrett, Rakim WR Maryland
25 Johnson, Antonio DB Texas A&M
26 Johnston, Quentin WR UCT
27 Jones, Broderick T georgia
28 Jones, Jaylon DB Texas A&M
29 Joseph, Brandon DB Our Lady
30 Kancey, Calijah DT Pittsburgh
31 Kraft, Tucker YOU south dakota state
32 Mayer, Michael YOU Our Lady
33 McBride, DeWayne RB Alabama-Birmingham
34 McKee, Tanner QB Stanford
35 Miller, Kendre RB UCT
36 Mims, Marvin WR Oklahoma
37 Mitchell, Cameron DB Northwestern
38 Mitchell, Keaton RB east carolina
39 Murphy, Myles OF Clemson
40 Nichols, Lew RB Central Michigan
41 Ojulari, BJ OF USL
42 Pelley, J-Min DT Calgary (Canada)
43 Phillips, Clark DB Utah
44 Porter, Joey DB Penn State
45 Richardson, Anthony QB Florida
46 Ricks, Eli DB Alabama
47 Ringo, Kelee DB georgia
48 Robinson, Bijan RB Texas
49 Roy, Jaqueline DT USL
50 Sanders, Drew LB Arkansas
51 Scott, Tyler WR Cincinnati
52 Sewell, Noah LB Oregon
53 Skoronsky, Peter T Northwestern
54 Smith, Cam DB south carolina
55 Smith-Njigba, Jaxon WR Ohio State
56 Strange, Brenton YOU Penn State
57 Stroud, CJ QB Ohio State
58 Tippman, Joseph VS Wisconsin
59 Torrence, Rashad DB Florida
60 Tucker, Sean RB Syracuse
61 Tuipulotu, Tuli OF Southern California
62 Valentine, Carrington DB Kentucky
63 Van Ness, Lukas OF Iowa
64 Vaughn, Deuce RB kansas state
65 Washington, Darnel YOU georgia
66 Washington, Parker WR Penn State
67 Williams, Garrett DB Syracuse
68 Wooden, Colby OF Auburn
69 Wypler, Luke VS Ohio State
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They didn’t spend 4 years in college but graduated and will be candidates for the Draft

Name Pos Middle school
1 Anderson, Will LB Alabama
2 Douglas, Demario WR Liberty
3 Foskey, Isaiah OF Our Lady
4 Hickman, Ronnie DB Ohio State
5 Hull, Evan RB Northwestern
6 Johnson, Paris T Ohio State
7 McClendon, Warren T georgia
8 Morris, Mike OF Michigan
9 Simpson, Trenton LB Clemson
10 Smith, Mazi DT Michigan
11 Spears, Tyjae RB Tulane
12 Turner, DJ DB Michigan
13 Young, Bryce QB Alabama

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