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Chargers – Seahawks (23-37): Geno Smith and Kenneth Walker teach the lesson

Los Angeles Chargers (4-3) – Seattle Seahawks (4-3): 23-37

Hot start, control of the clock, balanced attack, applied defense, football is simple when it is well executed. And Seattle demonstrated it. While we predicted hell at the start of the season, the Seahawks are there, at the top of their division and outsiders each week more and more credible for a jump seat for the playoffs in the chaos of the NFC. Led by an effective Geno Smith (20/27, 210 yards, 2 TD, 1 Int) and a Kenneth Walker (23 races, 168 yards, 2 TD) who is asserting himself a little more each week, the attack is between good hands. On the other side of the ball, the defense pulls out the right plays when needed and is formidable against the run.

The same cannot be said for the Chargers. Punishes both in the air and on the ground, Brandon Staley’s men continue to collect truckloads of points.

Seattle unleashed…

In an early game largely chopped by handkerchiefs in shambles, the Seahawks strike first. Despite an interception conceded on the first possession, Geno Smith took advantage of a stoppage in his defense to put himself forward and put Marquise Godwin in orbit for the touchdown. In the momentum of an ideal first quarter, the visitors put Justin Herbert in trouble. An interception first which is materialized five games later by a ground touchdown from Kenneth Walker. Then a fumble on a sack then enhanced by a field goal. 0-17

But the tide is quickly turning in LA After reducing the gap by the essential Austin Ekeler, the Chargers quickly recover the leather thanks to Khalil Mack, who recovers a fumble on a ball muddled by the Seattle attack. In a good position Herbert relies on Mike Williams to come back to 3 points. 14-17

… then in control

A short slump that does not disunite the Seahawks who resume their march forward. The alternation of running and passing works very well. Walker pound and Smith dissects. The quarterback finds Goodwin a second time for a 23-yard touchdown. Like an endless drive in the 3rd quarter of more than 10 minutes, Pete Carroll’s men have their hands on the ball and control the clock. 14-27

Opposite the attack is no longer advancing. Or too little. Forced to punt five times in a row, the Chargers rely on their defense to stay in the game, temporarily. A safety synonymous with 2 additional points. Poor record. More able to move the chains, they are harmless in the second act and sees the rookie Walker walk over them with a touchdown from 74 yards. The cup is full. A late touchdown from Ekeler only gives the illusion of a slightly less severe defeat. The Seahawks dominated from start to finish and come away from California with a well-deserved victory.

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