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Chargers – Jaguars (10-38): Trevor Lawrence and James Robinson humiliate Los Angeles

Los Angeles Chargers (1-2) – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-1): 10-38

After a convincing victory against the Colts, Jacksonville had to do the hard part: confirm. It’s done with an authoritative win on the Chargers’ home court. Doug Pederson has transformed this team, which finds an attractive and pleasant game to watch.

Trevor Lawrence (28/39, 262 yards, 3 TD) and James Robinson (116 yards, 1 TD) are the heroes of the evening, they who boosted the attack in the air and on the ground, taking advantage of a Chargers defense very weak and quickly deprived of Joey Bosa. Christian Kirk (72 yards, 1 TD) was mocked for his contract, he still responded on the ground.

The defeat is clear for the unimaginative Chargers, led by a diminished Justin Herbert (25/45, 297 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT), unable to carry his team and abandoned by his running game. It’s a second loss for the Chargers, who are falling behind in the AFC.

For Jacksonville, the AFC South title hopes are real, and a big shock awaits the Jaguars against the Eagles next week.

A defensive start

Although active in this game, Justin Herbert has a complicated start to the game, facing a Jaguars defense on the heels of last week’s game. Foyesade Oluokun (8 tackles) leads the pack, and Los Angeles cannot find a solution.

Jacksonville advances on the contrary, with efficiency but without panache, James Robinson imposing his law on the ground. It was the Jaguars who opened the scoring on a field goal for the first action of the second quarter (0-3). Doug Pederson’s men doubled the lead a few seconds later, after a “redzone” interception by Devin Lloyd (7 tackles, 3 passes defended, 1 INT), the rookie who confirmed his full potential (0-6).

The nightmare continues for a diminished Herbert, who loses the ball on Dawuane Smoot’s sack. This time Trevor Lawrence does not miss the opportunity, and finds Zay Jones (85 yards, 1 TD) for the first touchdown of the match (0-13). Jacksonville is full of confidence.

Fortunately for the suspense, the Chargers wake up with an almost exclusively aerial drive. Gerald Everett (25 yards) and Mike Williams (15 yards, 1 TD) are the engines of this series of actions, and the last marks the touchdown of hope (7-13).

But Jacksonville has changed under Doug Pederson, this team has soul and talent. Trevor Lawrence continues his undermining work, well helped by Christian Kirk who is definitely a luxury recruit. Evan Engram sees his touchdown withdrawn by the referees, and the Jaguars have to settle for 3 points (7-16).

The Jaguars have heart and talent

Los Angeles is not dead, and the start of the second half confirms it. Herbert recovers, and finds unexpected heroes to target. Jalen Guyton (64 yards) and Joshua Palmer (99 yards) advance the attack, enough to score a field goal from the first drive (10-16).

The response is immediate. On a fourth attempt at midfield, James Robinson pierces the defense and scores a long-range touchdown. Again and again, Jacksonville does not let go of its prey (10-23). The icing on the cake, the Jaguars wait only a few minutes before finding the touchdown zone again, by Christian Kirk (10-30), the game seems to be over.

The humiliation does not stop, since Lawrence still advances the team, well helped by Travis Etienne, before concluding for a touchdown from Marvin Jones (10-38). It’s a display from Doug Pederson’s men and a resounding away win.

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