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Chargers – Cowboys (17-20): Justin Herbert unable to conclude

Los Angeles Chargers (2-3) – Dallas Cowboys (4-2): 17-20

The Chargers didn’t impress, they made mistakes, but they were in the game. After a Cowboys field goal, Los Angeles recovered the ball with an opportunity to win and 2mn19 to play.

The time for Justin Herbert (22/37, 227 yards, 2 TDs, 1 int) to shine… or to bury himself once and for all. The Chargers pitcher first saw Micah Parsons come up to ground him. On the next action, still under pressure, Herbert sends the ball into the hands of Stephon Gilmore. The interception seals the fate of the game.

The outcome is logical. The Chargers seemed to lack solutions on offense all evening.

Sluggish Cowboys, even more so the Chargers

These two offenses are supposed to be among the best in the NFL. It didn’t really show in the first half. Or just at the beginning. The Chargers start strong, with a touchdown from Keenan Allen (7 rec, 85 yards, 1 TD) on their first possession (7-0). Dak Prescott (21/30, 272 yards, 1 TD) (7-7) responds immediately on the ground. The start of a festival? No.

The two teams chained together seven offensives without a single point. Finally, Dallas found the fault just before the break (7-10).

The Generous Cowboys

The first possession of the second half sets the tone. Justin Herbert is facing a 4th & 1 7 yards from the end zone. Failure. Los Angeles finally equalizes on foot (10-10). But Dallas responds again. This time, Tony Pollard (15 races, 30 yards – 6 rec, 80 yards) explodes for 60 yards. Enough to put the attack into orbit and allow Brandin Cooks (4 rec, 36 yards, 1 TD) to conclude a few games later on a small reception (10-17).

Dallas has the upper hand, and even has to recover the ball on a punt. Except that Jalen Tolbert releases the ball, which he offers to the Chargers just 20 yards from the end zone! This time, Herbert found Gerald Everrett for the equalizer (17-17). Almost miraculously, Los Angeles is in the game.

Except that Prescott and his teammates are not collapsing. They advance and score with their feet (17-20). There are 2mn19 left and it’s up to the defense to finish. What Micah Parsons and Stephon Gilmore do with their sack and the decisive interception.

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