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Buccaneers – Ravens (22-27): Tom Brady no longer responds


Third consecutive defeat for the quarterback and his team.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-5) – Baltimore Ravens (5-3): 22-27

This match should reassure them, it finally pushes the Buccaneers a little further into crisis. After an impressive start to the game, Tampa Bay lost momentum on both ends of the field. Todd Bowles’ players were never able to find solutions against a Baltimore team which, conversely, gained momentum during the match.

Symbol of these difficulties, Tom Brady is far from his usual standards. Worse, his level of play is even starting to really worry. And even if the statistics are not catastrophic (26/44, 325 yards and 1 TD), the visual impression is not deceiving. Opposite, without Mark Andrew, released early in this part, Lamar Jackson did not demobilize (27/38, 238 yards and 2 TDs + 9 races and 43 yards) and continued to insist until finding the fault .

A silly start

He could however have been discouraged, because as we have said, the start of the match is really not to his advantage. And even if Baltimore opens the scoring with an inaugural field goal, the attack gets stuck. It’s simple, these will be the only half-time points for the visitors. Outside of that? 4 punts, a fourth attempt and a missed field goal. It’s weak, especially when moving to Tampa Bay. Normally. At that time, the defense of the Bucs reassures. She managed to contain the “read-option” of Baltimore and hold Lamar Jackson in respect. We say to ourselves that this side of the field is coming back to life.

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Same observation in attack, with a surprising start to the match. 10 points in the first two drives. A one-yard touchdown from Leonard Fournette and a field goal that gave hope to supporters (10-3). In the end, it will only be a mirage. The level will continue to drop during the encounter. Tom Brady seems out of rhythm, missing the “easy” passes that made him so successful. The pitcher will insist on Mike Evans (6 receptions and 123 yards) and Chris Godwin (6 receptions and 75 yards), targeting them 11 times each. But the strategy does not work. The receiver and the quarterback are not on the same wavelength, the offensive line does not give any gift to number 12 (3 sacks allowed) and nothing is going well in Florida. Gradually the trap of the Ravens will close.

Sound the alarm

In difficulty in the first period, Baltimore will raise its level of play after halftime. The race will again be at the heart of Greg Roman’s game system (33 attempts for 231 yards, or 7 yards / race) and the Ravens will see the benefits. Back from the locker room, they will score three touchdowns on the first three drives. 77 yards, 80 and 83, this is the length of these offensive series that will truly cut the legs of their opponents. With the conclusion, Kenyan Drake and Isaiah Likely in the air on passes of 5 and 10 yards, as well as Devin Duvernay on a run of 15 units.

The locals, they only respond with field goals, testimony once again to offensive concerns in the last 20 yards. The gap eventually widened (16-24). In the fourth quarter, the Ravens will finally take cover with a kick late in the game to give themselves an 11-point lead (16-27). At that time, Julio Jones’ touchdown at the end of the game on an 8-yard pass from Tom Brady became anecdotal (22-27). If not to prevent the launcher from ending fany.

With this second consecutive victory (the third in four games), John Harbaugh’s men find a great dynamic, especially as the schedule clears up for the Ravens. Conversely, it’s time to sound the alarm for the Buccaneers who remain on 5 losses in 6 games. And it’s not the reception of the defending champion next week that could fix things…

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