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Broncos – Commanders (33-35): Sam Howell and Brian Robinson stunning

Denver Broncos (0-2) – Washington Commanders (2-0): 33-35

Crazy scenario in Denver. After leading 21-3 then being taken back and then overtaken, the Broncos offered one last action to snatch overtime after an improbable Hail Mary success by Russell Wilson at the last second. But the 2-point conversion missed, the Broncos finally left the victory to the visitors after a totally disjointed meeting.

Trailing by 18 points two minutes before the break, the evening seemed to be off to a bad start for the men from the capital. But at the cost of a perfect second act, they completely turned the tide, inflicting a scathing 32-6 on their opponents. As brilliant in the first act as totally amorphous and mute in the second period, Russell Wilson (18/32, 309 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interception) continues to blow hot and cold.

Conversely, the Commanders gained strength on both sides of the ball, with adjustments paying off. Manhandled for much of the first half, Sam Howell (27/39, 299 yards, 2 touchdowns) did not panic. Gaining strength over the possessions, the young quarterback distributed, notably hitting 9 different targets, avoiding mistakes and playing fair. He was well supported by his runner Brian Robinson Jr., author of a double which pushed his team to victory.

Rookies launch Denver

In the entry leg, the Broncos had an ideal start to the match. Three possessions for as many touchdowns. Carried by a rediscovered Wilson and sharp rookies, the men of Colorado quickly made the break. First thanks to rookie Jaleel McLaughlin who easily concludes a well-executed first drive on the ground. Marvin Mims Jr then received a very nice deep pass from Wilson with newfound precision, for a 60-yard touchdown. Mims then orbits the next series with another long-distance reception of 54 yards. A few plays later, it was Brandon Johnson who was found by his quarterback. 21-3

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Washington slowly but surely

On the other hand, it’s sluggish. Between stifling defense and hesitation, Sam Howell is skating. We had to wait until the last 2 minutes of the first half to see a response from the Commanders. Howell connects with Logan Thomas, then Brian Robinson converts for a 2-pointer. A final effort before the break even allowed them to add 3 new points to come back to one possession. 21-14

An end to the half that drastically changes the dynamic for Washington. Returning from the locker room, after a quick defensive stop on a trio of actions from Daron Payne, Howell found Terry McLaurin for a 30-yard touchdown and brought his team back up to par. More incisive on both sides of the ball, the Commanders gave the impression of having got their hands on the match. Despite conceding 3 points, they took control at the start of the 4th quarter after a touchdown on the ground from Brian Robinson concluding a 75-yard drive. Rebelote a few minutes later. The running back gets rid of the opposing defense for the double.

Irresistible at the start of the match, Sean Payton’s attack completely slips. Wilson takes the broth from all sides. Harassed by the opposing line, the quarterback is unable to find his receivers. It was necessary to wait for a completely desperate last possession for the Broncos to achieve the improbable with a Hall Mary captured by Johnson after a game of juggling. The 2-point conversion missed, the victory ultimately logically went to the Commanders who showed resilience and self-sacrifice.

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