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Broncos – Cardinals (24-15): Denver defense and Brett Rypien sink Arizona

Denver Broncos (4-10) – Arizona Cardinals (4-10): 24-15

So yes, Kyler Murray was absent. But once again the Cardinals showed a distressing face, especially in attack. Kliff Kingsbury is always digging his grave a little deeper…

However, it was still necessary to wait until the last quarter to see the game “get carried away” and see the Broncos make the difference. In difficulty in attack throughout the first half, Brett Rypien (21/26, 197 yards, 1TD, 1INT) and his partners eventually found the fault.

Then in the lead by one point, the Broncos will score two touchdowns in quick succession to lead 17-9 then 24-9. A lead far too large for the Cardinals to hope to return.

These two touchdowns are also to the credit of the defense of the Broncos. The first time, the defense allowed his attack to recover the ball on 50 yards. The second, Justin Simmons intercepted Trace McSorley (7/15, 95 yards, 2INT) to return the leather to his attack on the 5 yards of the Cardinals… Once again, the defenders of Colorado will have given everything to seek success.

The Cardinals take the lead without shining

4 first down and 1/7 in 3rd attempts on each side. This is the offensive festival offered by the two teams when returning to the locker room after two quarters. We could also add to this balance sheet the 8 punts hit including four 3rd and out…

Despite everything, it was the Cardinals who took the lead at halftime (3-6) thanks to two field goals, the second of which at the last second of the first act. Arizona can especially thank its defense for this advance.

JJ Watt’s colleagues sacked Brett Rypien 6 times in this first half and forced him to 1 fumble due to this constant pressure. The veteran is also huge during these 30 minutes with 3 sacks, 5 tackles including 3 for loss, 1 forced fumble and 1 pass defended!

If for the substitute quarterback of the Broncos it didn’t start too badly with a field goal after the first drive, behind it was more complicated… Too bad, because as usual, the Denver defense which is still holding up well with in particular a successful interception.

Denver is finally moving forward

The Cardinals widen the gap a little more on recovery with a drive well led by Colt McCoy then by Trace McSorley, after the injury of the first city, for 6 minutes. Nevertheless, once again, it lacks this little extra in attack and the Cards are satisfied with 3 additional points (3-9).

You have to wait 5 minutes before the end of the 3rd quarter to see the first touchdown of the match! It was Denver who registered him (10-9) after a nice 80-yard drive concluded on a 3-yard run from Marlon Mack.
If Rypien launches a new interception, which is almost equivalent to a punt seen from where the Cards leave, his defense allows him to remain calm about the outcome of the meeting by quickly giving him the ball back.

Starting again from mid-field, the locals’ attack took advantage of this. After a big run of 17 yards from Marlon Mack, it’s Latavius ​​Murray (24 runs, 130 yards, 1TD) who finds the endzone on a run of 10 yards. Denver then takes off by leading 17-9 at the start of the last quarter.

Denver “doubles” the bet less than two minutes later. First the defense intercepts the Cards, then Eric Tomlinson is on reception in the endzone (24-9).

The visitors still give themselves a little hope on their next series. The attack connects the passes and goes back 78 yards quite easily. It was James Conner who concluded with a full center race to bring his team to 15-24, after the failed 2-point conversion.

A hope that will be dashed when Patrick Surtain intercepts the opposing quarterback at the very end of the match to definitively seal the victory.

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