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Bills – Titans (41-7): Stefon Diggs blazes and Buffalo unrolls

Buffalo Bills (2-0) – Tennessee Titans (0-2): 41-7

Josh Allen (26/38, 317 yards, 4 TDs) and his team had started the season perfectly against the Rams, but were they going to confirm in the second game? The answer is a huge “Yes. Buffalo dominated its Monday night game in all areas of the game. The offense wandered, the defense snatched four balls and even the special team recovered a punt released by the Titans. Domination so broad that Allen was able to rest for the entire last quarter.

If the Bills seem stronger than ever, the Titans don’t really look like the solid team that has reached the playoffs in recent years. Derrick Henry (13 races, 25 yards, 1 TD) well locked, the rest of the offensive squad was tortured, first Ryan Tannehill (11/20, 117 yards, 2 int).

Tennessee gained only 187 yards in total, far from the 414 of their evening opponents.

We don’t punt, and when we punt…

In the wake of their excellent first game, the Bills start off on the floor. On the first drive of the match, it was fullback Reggie Gilliam who found the end zone. Tennessee responds immediately with a Derrick Henry touchdown. The game even seems to have remained balanced, since Buffalo is stopped on 4th&1. But the visitors do not capitalize and quickly return the ball. Their luck has already passed.

After a field goal (10-7), the Bills recover the leather again, and the Stefon Diggs festival (12 rec, 148 yards, 3 TDs) can begin. He catches three balls on the drive, including the touchdown which allows his team to lead 17-7 at the break. Back from the locker room, rebelote, three receptions, and a touchdown, this time from 46 yards (24-7)!

Even as Buffalo is forced to punt for the first time of the season, Kyle Philips releases the ball and Sean McDermott’s team recovers, before adding a field goal (27-7).


Everything is going too fast for Tennessee. It scrolls. Tannehill is intercepted, and Diggs continues with a third pass in the end zone (34-7). On the next possession, another blunder from the quarterback, and this time Matt Milano takes care of the sentence himself by returning the ball for a touchdown (41-7). Don’t throw any more!

Tennessee abdicates. Malik Willis comes on with 3 minutes and 49 seconds left in the third quarter. Case Keenum then replaces Josh Allen. The match is over in spirit. The fourth quarter only serves to see Willis suffer (1/4, 6 yards, 1 fumble lost), while Keenum does not bring much more. Buffalo ends up clocking more than six minutes on the ground to close the deal.

The Bills look stronger than ever. Tennessee is adrift.

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