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Bengals – Ravens (24-17): the defense saves Cincinnati!

Cincinnati Bengals (3)-Baltimore Ravens (6): 24-17

Until the final action, the Ravens posed problems for the Bengals. The desperate pass from Tyler Huntley (17/29, 226 yards, 2 TDs, 1 int – 9 races, 54 yards) at the last second even touched James Proche’s hand before crashing to the ground in the end zone.

Cincinnati is doing well thanks to a defense that held up well for the last few minutes, and which even scored the touchdown for the victory. Joe Burrow’s attack (23/32, 209 yards, 1 TD) was less successful.

The key moment: Sam Hubbard turns the game around

The improbable was on its way. With a score of parity (17-17), the Ravens have the ball a yard from the end zone, with the opportunity to take the advantage at the start of the last quarter. But the Cincinnati defense saves the house, forcing a fumble from Tyler Huntley, recovered by Sam Hubbard, who will score 99 yards further. The Bengals pass in front (24-17) and will not let go.

The movie of the game

Difficult to make a better start than that of the Bengals, with a field goal, an interception, and a touchdown from Ja’Marr Chase (9 rec, 84 yards, 1 TD) on the first action of the second quarter, here they are quickly leading 9 -0 (missed XP).

But the Ravens aren’t giving up. They place an offensive of more than 10 minutes and JK Dobbins (13 carries, 62 yards – 4 rec, 43 yards, 1 TD) reduces the gap with a touchdown. Better, the defense of Baltimore snatches a ball from the hands of Hayden Hurst, and the attack resumes the road. Tyler Huntley and his comrades stalled 4 short yards from the end zone, but a field goal still allowed them to lead 10-9 at the break.

The Bengals reacted well to the return from the locker room, with a defensive stop followed by a ground touchdown from Joe Burrow. With the two-point conversion, that makes Cincinnati 17-10. Except that once again, Baltimore does not let go. Huntley lets go of the hair and goes back 81 yards in five actions! It’s DeMarcus Robinson (2 rec, 49 yards, 1 TD) who equalizes on a touchdown from 41 yards (17-17).

Baltimore continues with a stop and a new rise in the field. Here they are a small yard from the promised land with 11mn39 to play. But that’s where it all comes crashing down, when Logan Wilson rips the leather out of Huntley’s hands, and Hubbard rides a wild 99-yard ride for the 24-17.

Both teams are forced to punt on their next two series. Baltimore has a last ball equalizer 3mn12 from time, with a drive that starts even on the 46 opposing yards. But Huntley can’t do it. At the end of an offensive that will have lacked a bit of speed, his last four passes did not find takers.

The MVP: The Cincinnati Defense

Difficult to honor the attack as it lacked bite. Tyler Huntley would make a good candidate as long as he didn’t deserve to relieve Lamar Jackson, but his team lost. It is therefore the defense of the Bengals, which is in the spotlight. If she conceded 364 yards, she was able to respond present in hot moments, with the touchdown of the win and a last quarter without conceding a single point.

The flop: the attack of the Bengals

Jonah Williams’ exit with a knee injury in the first half must not have helped, but the Bengals showed a lackluster face on offense. Just 234 total yards, and just two touchdowns on seven offenses. You will have to be much more consistent to hope to go far.

The stat: 1/4

The Ravens were punished for their inefficiency. In four passages in the end zone, Tyler Huntley and his attack scored only one touchdown. Lost points that hurt at the time of the balance sheet.

The following

The expected poster between the Bills and the Bengals will take place, but the two teams have had much more trouble than expected to get there. The match will be played on Sunday January 22 at 9 p.m.

In Week 17, Buffalo and Cincinnati had not finished their opposition following Damar Hamlin’s heart attack.

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