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Baker Mayfield (Browns): “I felt a lack of respect, 100%”

Former first choice of the Draft seeks franchise to revive.

It will soon be a month since the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson in a resounding trade from the Texans, opening the door to a trade for their current pitcher Baker Mayfield.

But Mayfield still hasn’t moved. His $ 18 million contract for the coming season and his average 2021 season (17 touchdowns, 13 interceptions) surely have something to do with it.

Who will give it a shot? For him, the answer lies in the West. He explained it on Wednesday in the podact You never know from ESPN.

“A week ago, I would have said Indianapolis,” explained Mayfield before estimating that Seattle “is probably the most likely option… but even there, I don’t know”.

If the player has declared himself ready for (his) new adventure “Whatever it is, he still came back in harsh terms on his end of the course in Ohio.

“I felt 100% disrespect,” the former Sooners pitcher said of his franchise’s decision to land Deshaun Watson. “I was told something before doing quite the opposite,” he continued, also attacking the criticisms received during the year 2021.

To see if these grievances will stir up the appetite of the Seahawks.

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