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Will Christian Koloko be able to play in the NBA again?

Christian Koloko was released by the Raptors following the departure of Pascal Siakam. The Canadian franchise thus had one player too many in its squad and the Cameroonian, with his low salary and his respiratory problems, was the ideal candidate, especially since he has not yet been able to set foot on the NBA courts this season.

Except that The Athletic immediately indicated that it is even more worrying than we thought for Christian Koloko (23 years old, 2m16) whose very career is in danger…

Blood clots were discovered in the former Arizona player, who was therefore placed in the “Fitness-to-Play” program. This is based on a panel of three doctors (one appointed by the NBA, another by the players' union and the third by the two parties) who must determine whether Christian Koloko can continue his career.

The status of the latter “is in the hands of the NBA” said Masai Ujiri, the president of Toronto.

We remember that it was blood clots that ended the careers of Chris Bosh and Mirza Teletovic.

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