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Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups are going to the Hall of Fame!

It is not yet official, the announcement should take place during the Final Four of “March Madness”, but Shams Charania announces that Vince Carter And Chauncey Billups were elected to the Hall of Fame!

This is not a surprise because the two men were the two headliners of the 2024 vintage.

Eight times All-Star (2000-2007), “Vinsanity” was a symbol of the NBA of the 2000s, even if he never won the title. His triumph during the 2000 Slam Dunk Contest will still have marked an entire generation, just like his gold medal with the United States during the Sydney Olympics in 2000, with the “dunk of the century”.

Michael Cooper to accompany them?

Five times All-Star (2006-2010), “Mr. Big Shot” was less spectacular, but he remains remembered as the leader of the Pistons, champions in 2004. After a very complicated start to his career, while he was selected in 3rd position by the Celtics, the leader took several seasons before finding his place in the NBA. It was in Detroit that he achieved this, with the success that one knows within a blue-collar team.

It remains to be seen who will accompany Vince Carter and Chauncey Billups when they enter the Hall of Fame in Springfield.

Among the other finalists, we find Seimone Augustus, four-time WNBA champion, Michael Cooper, five-time NBA champion with the Lakers or Walter Davis, North Carolina legend and best scorer in Suns history, who could be distinguished posthumously. Michele Timms and Dick Barnett round out the list.

Among the “contributors”, three emblematic faces from the history of the league could be inducted: Doug Collins, Jerry West and Herb Simon (owner of the Pacers since 1983).

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