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Tyler Herro: “I didn’t want to go to Portland”

Victim of a broken hand in the first match of the 2023 playoffs, then the first potential pawn to unlock the arrival of Damian Lillard during the offseason, Tyler Herro coming out of difficult months. Back at 100%, he is preparing to express himself again where he does it best, on the field, after putting on a show last night during a scrimmage open to the public at the Kaseya Center.

Before returning to the court for good this evening against Charlotte, the back has finished settling his scores, sending a small tackle to Portland and its GM Joe Cronin, whom he can today thank for not having believed in him, which had the consequence of sending Damian Lillard to Milwaukee, and for the main interested party to stay in Miami.

I didn’t want to go to Portland, so I’m glad Portland didn’t want me. I just don’t want to be in Portland. And it’s nothing personal with Portland, not at all,” he told the Miami Sun Sentinel. “I’m just happy to be on the field. I haven’t played since April. I broke my hand and I haven’t played since, so I’m ready to play.”

Before the summer, he had to swallow the criticism that he was ultimately not essential to Miami, which managed to return to the NBA Finals without him.

From all these weeks of rumors, Tyler Herro has gained an additional source of motivation, which he will be able to share with his team. My value may have diminished in people’s eyes. but I’m a better player than last yearso there is no reason why my value should have decreased.”

Tyler Herro approaches the season this way with the desire to become “untouchable”, so as to never again be at the heart of such discussions, for such a long time. Is he driven by a feeling of revenge as he enters his fifth season? Not really, just self-confidence increased tenfold by recent episodes.

“I don’t think it’s a revenge tour at all,” he continued. “It’s just a regular season. I’m just motivated to come back. It’s been a while since I’ve played, so I’m excited to get back. JI know my game and I’m going to play it, and that’s all there is to it at the end of the day. I don’t care what people say. I’m ready to play.

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