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The Nets relieved to have won against the Pistons

On one side, there are the Pistons determined to stop their historic losing streak. And on the other, there are opponents determined not to be the first to end this same series. Like the Nets last night where we met two former protégés of Monty Williams, with Cam Johnson and Mikal Bridges.

After a sluggish start, and a failed 3rd quarter, Jacque Vaughn's players managed to turn the tide of the game in the last quarter to win 118-112. A 13-0 at the best time allowed them to win, and to inflict on the Pistons this famous 27th defeat in a row.

“Everyone is there to see them win. And it won't be in front of us! »

“We all knew. We didn't want to be the ones they won against, so we gave it our all.” testifies Day'Ron Sharpedecisive with his “double-double” and his counterattacks. “I feel like everyone is there to see them win. And it won't be in front of us! “.

Same speech from Dorian Finney-Smith, author of two ultra-important 3-points in “money time”. “They will win a match, but it will not be against us” he repeats. “They will win one soon, but we are also trying to string together victories. It's a good victory for us. »

The Nets coach even admits that he didn't sleep well… “I didn't sleep very well last night, anticipating how difficult this match would be,” recognizes Jacque Vaughn. “Any time you play the same team twice in a row, it's really difficult to win. And then there's all this outside noise, with social media, phones, and players hearing it and seeing it. I saw it myself…”

But the Nets did the job, and their experience allowed them to hold on in the final minutes while Cade Cunningham did everything to avoid this 27th loss in a row.

“We tried to keep it simple” concludes the Brooklyn coach. “I think tonight we improved collectively. We played together. The guys have progressed. We found solutions together. In the end, if we keep it simple, we will be rewarded.”

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