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The MVP of the night | Donovan Mitchell as boss

Without Darius Garland or Evan Mobley for a few weeks, Donovan Mitchell finds himself in the position of the undisputed boss in Cleveland, and he assumed it last night, during the match against the Rockets.

The Cavaliers' main offensive threat, the former Salt Lake City player brought his team with 37 points on 14/27 shooting, adding 6 assists and 2 blocks. His slaloms hurt the Rockets, even if it took an extension for the Ohio franchise to definitively rule out Houston.

“In each match, we will have to rely on the collective (to compensate). No player can do what he does”, explained Donovan Mitchellasked in particular about the absence of Darius Garland. “But honestly, it’s time for us to start winning. No excuses “.

Finding Dillon Brooks for the first time since their altercation, a duel which this time was played according to the rules, Donovan Mitchell took advantage and fueled Sam Merrill's 19 points coming off the bench.

“It’s what Sam does, it’s who he is.”thus appreciated the All-Star. “I started playing with him when he was at Utah State and I was on the Jazz. When hard work meets opportunity, it’s beautiful to see.”

And it also helps the Cavaliers to string together a second consecutive victory, to remain in the Top 6 in the East.

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