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The Lakers are going after Dan Hurley, Connecticut coach in the NCAA!

Huge surprise in Los Angeles. The possibility of seeing JJ Redick settling on the bench was already a small earthquake, the former player having no experience on a bench, but there, ESPN announces news that no one saw coming. The Lakers will indeed offer a huge contract to Dan Hurley !

He is not unknown since he has just won March Madness twice in a row with the University of Connecticut. But for the UConn coach to take charge of the Lakers is clearly unexpected.

Franchise leaders already have contact with Dan Hurley and discussions should accelerate in the coming days. Obviously, according to our colleagues, the coach was one of the favorites to succeed Darvin Ham even if the franchise carried out other interviews at the same time and his name was never released.

A profile to supervise young people, including Bronny James?

Rob Pelinka, GM of the Lakers, and Jeanie Buss, owner of the franchise, would be eager to speak with the 51-year-old technician, who would be very attracted by the idea of ​​leading a legendary NBA franchise.

In addition, with his profile as an NCAA coach, and therefore a trainer, he could be perfect to integrate Bronny James, if he was drafted by the Lakers in 55th position. LeBron James, who appreciates Dan Hurley's offensive systems, could thus realize his dream and play with his son.

Without forgetting that a coach like that of Connecticut would be interesting to manage the 17th choice of the upcoming Draft as well as the young talents of the Lakers like Austin Reaves or Rui Hachimura, think the Californian leaders.

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