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The FFBB will open the file of the future of Vincent Collet…

As this 2023 World Cup approached, everyone imagined Vincent Collet leading the Blues at the Paris Olympics in 2024, where France is automatically qualified as the host country.

But the horrible exit from the road in the first lap completely challenged the Norman technician. Despite his record with the Blues since taking office in 2009 (gold medal at Euro 2013, silver medal at the 2021 Olympics and Euro 2011 then 2022, bronze medal at the 2014 World Cup and 2019 and Euro 2015), can Vincent Collet be pushed out, one year from the Parisian Olympiad, following the failure of Jakarta?

In any case, Jean-Pierre Suitat did not rule out the possibility, during a “press briefing” held this morning in Indonesia. An attitude that changes from previous failures, where he immediately supported the coach.

” [L’avenir de Vincent Collet] is one of the files that will be opened”thus certified Jean-Pierre Siutat, as reported by BeBasketthe president of the FFBB also promising to “watch everything and not put dust under the rug”.

Decision by October 10

A decision should be taken by October 10, the date on which the FFBB intends to have learned the lessons of the Indonesian failure, in order to avoid reliving this scenario again during the 2024 Olympics.

“For the moment, no decision has been made on anyone, including Vincent Collet”added Boris Diaw, the general manager of the France team. “Whether it can be questioned? We can all be. We are all questioned, anyone from the staff can be questioned. We have operated like this every year. But at present, this is not the case. »

The question is to know who could take over, the French tracks being very limited. Could the FFBB turn to a foreign coach, which is not really in the DNA of the federation?

“We never forbid ourselves anything”replied Jean-Pierre Siutat, when asked about this idea. “For the girls, we were in very advanced contact with foreign coaches (before Jean-Aimé Toupane got the job). We are open to anything. The important thing is performance. »

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