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The Blazers try (successfully) the “small ball” option

Before training camp, Damian Lillard, Josh Hart, Jerami Grant and Justise Winslow imagined themselves in a small five major. They felt that this combination could do damage. Chauncey Billups has not really followed this path, neither in training nor in preparation matches.

Until this first meeting of the season in Sacramento. Because in the last quarter, the Portland coach decided to put Jerami Grant in place of Jusuf Nurkic. The four players mentioned were thus accompanied by Anfernee Simons.

“I thought Sacramento was hurting us on pick-and-roll”Chauncey Billups analysis for The Oregonian. “We weren’t able to create advantageous situations in attack or defense. A smaller formation gave us a chance. »

In less than six minutes and to conclude this game, this five will dominate the Kings 18-10 and Portland will finally win. So successful bet. “I find that this small-ball was very effective”Judge Justise Winslow. “We will surely see that again at the end of the match. »

A solution for the future

As a result of this tactical choice, the former Miami player (1m98) found himself on Domantas Sabonis, who is 13 centimeters taller.

“He’s a bulldog. He is very powerful. We can’t push him back like that. I thought that would be the right solution and it worked,” rejoices the coach of the Blazers. “I am proud to defend”, continues Juste Winslow. “From point guard to pivot, whatever, I do my job. »

The latter hopes to review this training very quickly and Damian Lillard too, since the two men were already talking about it in September. “I think it’s a step forward,” secures the All-Star. “Even if we won tonight, we will have obstacles to overcome, hard times. Each attack is different, the matches are not all the same. »

Does this victory and this success in the “money time” give Chauncey Billups ideas to continue in this direction? ” Yes. I envision times in the season when we will play small ball. Afterwards, you will have to be attentive to the rebound. »

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