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Summer review – The Hawks are still struggling to take off

While there are now not many people left on the free agent market and the workforce, except for upheaval via the expected trades of Damian Lillard and James Harden, is almost complete, it’s time to take stock of the first summer for all 30 NBA franchises. After Detroit, Houston, San Antonio, Charlotte, PortlandThen Orlando, Washingtonand finally Indiana , UtahDallas, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Toronto and Minnesota, here is Atlanta with Hawks stuck between questions and hopes.

Despite a fierce struggle (with a suffocating Game 6), the Hawks could not resist the precision of Jayson Tatum and the Celtics. Eliminated in the first round of the playoffs, after a season below the objectives set (41 wins for 41 losses), Atlanta finds itself at a crossroads. Quin Snyder arrived during the season, and his message seems to be getting through. The former Jazz coach relies on a complementary and talented Young-Murray hinge, one of the best in his position. But the management, which has changed from floor to ceiling, is impatient, and it has already sacrificed a major player: John Collins, sold off at Jazz.

SEASON 2022/23

41 wins – 41 losses (17th)
7th attack: 115.5 points scored on 100 possessions
22nd defense: 115.4 points conceded on 100 possessions


Arrivals : Wesley Matthews, Patty Mills, Kobe Bufkin (15th choice), Mouhamed Gueye (39th choice), Seth Lundy (46th choice)
Departures : John Collins, Aaron Holiday, Donovan Williams


Leaders : Trae Young, Patty Mills, Kobe Bufkin, Vit Krejci
Full-backs/wingers Dejounte Murray, Bogdan Bogdanovic, Wesley Matthews, Seth Lundy, De’Andre Hunter, AJ Griffin, Garrison Mathews, Saddiq Bey, Jalen Johnson,
Interiors : Clint Capela, Mouhamed Gueye, Miles Norris, Onyeka Okongwu, Bruno Fernandes

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Trae Young, Dejounte Murray, De’Andre Hunter, Saddiq Bey, Clint Capela


Rediscovering the shine of 2021 is the goal of the Hawks, conference finalists that year. For that, it will be necessary to do better than this 7th place in the Eastern Conference, synonymous with “play-in”. However, the Hawks had dominated the Heat, to spin face the Celtics in the first round. Paradoxically, the adventure of Atlanta will come to an end, while the Heat will surprise everyone to become the first team to come out of the “play-in” to reach the NBA finals.

How to do better than this elimination in the first round? For the leaders, the priority was to get rid of the dusty record of John Collins, even to the point of sending him against the chops in Utah. The Hawks are determined to get stronger, but for now they’re weakened as Collins hasn’t been replaced. To take his place as a strong winger, it is on the side of the Raptors that Landry Fields, the GM, has set his sights with Pascal Siakam. If the discussions are today at a standstill, the intention is clear: Atlanta thinks it only has a reinforcement, an All-Star, to pass a course. Provided not to leave too many feathers in a hypothetical exchange.


Are Trae Young and Dejounte Murray compatible? This is the new burning file of the Hawks since one can wonder if the two leaders are really made to play together? The new management has given a first element of response since it has just extended Murray for 4 years. Concrete proof of confidence, while Young seems untouchable.
And yet, today, the two men seem to annihilate each other. If Trae Young is still able to catch fire, from the central circle if necessary, the defensive qualities of Dejounte Murray emphasize the lack of involvement of the leader in the matter. And perhaps even on his ability to know how to manage the rhythm of a match, a fundamental quality for a playmaker.
On the one hand, Atlanta has a Murray who is just waiting to find the direction of the game, and on the other a superstar with little involvement in defense.

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Let young people develop? With AJ Griffin (19), Saddiq Bey (24), Onyeka Okongwu (22), and De’Andre Hunter (24), the Hawks have interesting youngsters who can grow together. But we saw it this summer, the leaders are impatient and the Hunter-Griffin duo was offered to the Raptors to recover Siakam. In Atlanta, we want to get involved as quickly as possible in the title race, and it is not certain that the staff favors the progression of young talents.



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