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Steve Nash and Kevin Durant didn’t like the Nets performance

After one of the most complicated summers marked by the soap operas Irving and Durant, Steve Nash is taking advantage of the preseason to put his group in order and to get back to basics. On paper, Brooklyn has the potential to join the title race. Provided that the players adhere to the message and the project.

After the spanking received against the Heat, the Nets coach is unfortunately anything but reassured. For him, there is nothing positive to remember from this performance.

We were dominated in the main areas of play he regrets. ” Miami came with its mentality, as we know it, playing physical, running into us, and we allowed them to win the battle. All these little battles: spacing, time management, screens, cuts, lack of vision of the game, the absence of delay screens, not recovering balls lying around… We can extend the list, but everything really starts with the mentality. They have demonstrated it, and we will have to try to match it to move forward. »

“Miami sets a standard in the way it plays”

In the numbers, the Nets lost 27 balls and distributed only 16 assists. The Heat also had 14 offensive rebounds and 17 steals, compared to 3 for the Nets…

It’s clear that we had some good positions and we didn’t shoot well continues Steve Nash. ” But we didn’t generate enough good shots. I don’t think we were physical enough. I don’t think we had enough composure. It’s a good evening to watch videos and benefit from them. You know, Miami sets a standard in the way they play, their physicality and the attention to detail, that’s what we have to strive for.. »

Author of 22 points with a very good percentage, Kevin Durant “ didn’t like anything at all in the delivery of his training. Like his coach, he saw the contrast between approximate Nets and a serious and applied Heat.

They made a lot of changes in defense“, noted Kevin Durant. ” They’re a disciplined team and they have a structure they’ve been following for decades. The players to be integrated know their system in defense. You can see that they had observed some things in the morning and trained hard all week. They were on point with their schematics. Unlike Brooklyn, clearly.

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