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Steve Kerr changed the Warriors training routine

With Steve Kerr, the Warriors are not resting on their laurels. The coach of the reigning champions must innovate every year to keep his group mobilized despite the accumulation of NBA titles: four in eight years.

Based on his experience as a player with the Bulls and Spurs, who also collect rings, as well as his experience as a manager with the Suns, the technician knows that he must constantly evolve.

“You have to constantly look ahead and stay up to date on what others are doing. We have a very good and young staff. We collaborate very well. I take ideas from everyone all the time », recognize the coach.

Before embarking on the quest for a fifth ring, one of the ideas implemented this season was to review the training routine of his troops.

Steve Kerr now authorizes his team of assistants, amputated by Mike Brown appointed head of the Kings, to leave their mark on the way they prepare for the games of the coming season.

The big difference this year is the training routine, with Mike Brown leaving for Sacramento, and Kenny Atkinson and Jama (Mahlalela) who move up the ladder. It is somewhat different. Some drills are different, and I think the players like them. You can’t do the same thing over and over. So I think constantly trying to evolve from year to year is important. It’s something I always try to keep in mind », justifies the coach, without really going into the details of the exercises offered.

Such an evolution in his collective approach does not prevent him from recognizing the importance of following his own habits. “ The consistency of his routine is like a metronome. Every day he does the exact same thing. He is in the warm-up room, in the weight room, on the field. It’s set like clockwork, but still there’s a sense of joy and energy within this routine. He loves it ! He loves this preparation “, described Steve Kerr, last June, speaking of his star player, Stephen Curry.

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