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Shoe Test | The Air Jordan 37 has found the right recipe

What better way to end 2022 than testing the latest model from Jordan Brand’s most iconic collection? The “Jumpman” brand is constantly trying to renew itself and the Air Jordan 35 and Air Jordan 36 have been great successes in this regard. The bet was far from won, but the Air Jordan 37 has all the elements to follow the same path. The marriage between touches of modernity, always expected, and nods to the past offer a rather successful whole.

In the news department, the AJ 37 is, for example, equipped with the brand new “Formula 23” foam, initially designed by Jordan Brand for its latest model, the Luka 1. Supposed to be more reactive to all types of support, it is also lighter, thus following the general theme of this model.

Regarding the upper, it is the return of Leno weaving, a method inspired by West African know-how, which made the success of the AJ 36 and also ensures great lightness. However, the Leno has support zones, a kind of exoskeleton to provide more support, and this is the other novelty compared to the previous upper. Its design is also inspired by the Air Jordan 7.

Both sophisticated and ultra-light, the Air Jordan 37 wanted to emphasize jumping, notably by incorporating two Air units superimposed on the forefoot rather effective. As for the ultimate question, whether the latest version of the Air Jordan collection is better than the previous one, it will undoubtedly be up to the general public to decide. Brought to the fore by Jayson Tatum during an extraordinary Celtics season, the Air Jordan 36 had done very well. Will the Air Jordan 37 experience the same route? We can totally predict that.

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The pair slips on very easily. The tongue is padded at the level of the lacing, a little extra to emphasize, as is the accompaniment from the collar to the heel for good support. The general comfort is quite good, in particular due to the fairly light support except at the level of the collar. The sole contributes to general comfort even if the “Luka 1” foam is not particularly the most comfortable on the market. The set remains very correct.

Rating: 8.5/10


The feedback is a little better in terms of cushioning than on the Luka 1 thanks to the two Zoom Air and Air Strobel units superimposed on the forefoot. The rebound feeling is really good, and the reinforcement in the heel area also offers very good cushioning. This is one of the very good points of this model.

Rating: 9/10


The rubber outsole is classic but still performs well. A carbon fiber plate is present in the middle of the foot, again with the idea of ​​gaining lightness but also to gain in energy transfer from the back to the front of the foot. The combination proves to be rather effective, especially on the “stop-and-go” or different changes of support.

Rating: 8.5/10


The support is quite light apart from the collar where the side foam reinforcements and eyelets rising sufficiently high allow the ankle to be well maintained. The strips completing the Leno weave are ultra-light and thin and therefore do not contribute more than that to maintaining the rest of the foot.

The stability is good. The side reinforcements at the level of the sole at the front of the foot are light, but present. The set is perhaps less stable than an MB.02 but it is perhaps more responsive, in the style of a Zoom Freak 3.

Rating: 8/10


The base of the upper has a band of leather to consolidate everything. Because the Leno weave remains very light, a little more than on the Air Jordan 36, for which the choice of the color of the visible socks was already a major issue. This is still the case this year, the Air Jordan 37 wants to be even lighter and… airy! Between the tongue and the upper, the pair is “breathable” to say the least!

This choice raises the question of the lifespan of the upper even if it does not risk much in normal use. The sole also seems to be ready for regular use over time, and durability is one of the strengths of the “Formula 23” foam.

Rating: 8.5/10


The Air Jordan 37 didn’t get the best preseason publicity stunt when Celtics position 4 Grant Williams ‘ripped’ his Air Jordan 37 in the middle of a game. A “bad buzz” which was in fact due to the bad lacing of the player.

Like the Celtics last year, the Air Jordan 37 has all the assets to go up the slope and the first feedback from the general public but also from professionals is pretty good. We are starting to see more and more of them wearing the model that Jayson Tatum initially wore, like Jose Alvarado to name only him.

On a purely technical level, the pair has its place at the top of the basket with good feedback in terms of cushioning, traction and grip. It remains up to everyone to appreciate or not the composition and design of the upper, and especially its very “airy” side.

Rating: 17/20

Shoe weight (size 41): 360 grams

Price : from 185 euros on Basket4ballers

Grading scale

  • – less than 10/20: not recommended
  • – between 10 and 15: faults that can stop some but qualities that will charm others
  • – above 15: pair approved and recommended!

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