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Rudy Gobert: “It was a nice dunk” | NBA

It’s the dunk of the night, and maybe of the month, or even of the year. A big “poster dunk” signed Russell Westbrook on our national Rudy Gobert. A dunk that caused a click according to the person concerned. “It gave us the extra confidence we needed. And we need it right now.” explained the Lakers point guard.

A dunk that proves that he has lost none of his explosiveness and fearlessness. Because it takes to tackle the 2m16 of Rudy Gobert, the best defender in the NBA.

You have to be smart or strong to tackle Gobert recalls Frank Vogel. ” If you have the slightest moment of weakness, he will tarp you. “

“I watched the slow motion over and over again”

At the start of the attack, no one imagined that Russell Westbrook was going to fly away to smash the Frenchman. In the front row, LeBron James enjoyed the show! ” He wasn’t going for a lay-up, a floater or anything else… He was going there to attack the blocker. It was electric! It was a big moment. I watched the slow motion over and over again. It was a phenomenal action. “

For Russell Westbrook, “ people don’t just want me to come in to see if I still have the legs. But I know what I’m capable of and I know what I’m capable of doing on the court. When the time comes to be able to finish strong in the circle, that’s always something I can do.. “

“I felt like I couldn’t jump because his arm was over my shoulder, but they won’t whistle him”

And he warns that the standing and size of the opponent have never scared him. “It happened to be Gobert tonight, but it could be anyone another night. I feel like I can do anything. If it’s time to clean up, I don’t see why I wouldn’t. That’s what I had in mind at that time to show that I’m still capable of it. It seems like no one else does, and I was kind of showing that I still do. “

The final word for the “victim” of the evening, Rudy Gobert. Best defender in the NBA and among the best blockers, he knows he is a prime target for dunk specialists. And he remains a good player.

It was a nice dunk… I felt like I couldn’t jump because his arm was over my shoulder, but they won’t whistle that… I don’t think he said anything to me . He’s a guy who likes to talk to himself “Explains the French, while Russell Westbrook took a technical foul on the action.

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