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Players’ union finds Ja Morant’s suspension ‘excessive’ and ‘inappropriate’

Ja Morant’s second suspension has not finished talking. While some consider it too lenient, and the person concerned apologized in stride, the players’ union reacted in turn.

The executive director of the association, Tamika Tremaglio, explains for her part that the NBA has had too heavy a hand.

“Ja has expressed his remorse and accepted responsibility for his actions, and we unequivocally support him as he does whatever is necessary to showcase himself, and our players and our league in the best possible light. » she assures. “Regarding the punishment imposed, which keeps him off the field until December and requires certain unspecified conditions to be met before he can return, we believe it is excessive and inappropriate for a certain number of reasons, including the facts relating to this particular incident, and that it is neither fair nor consistent with the penalties applied in the past by our league. We will study with Ja all the options, as well as the next steps”.

It is therefore possible that the players’ union will decide to appeal the sanction, if Ja Morant wishes, in order to reduce the suspension. It is recalled that the leader was suspended 25 games by the league.

Ja Morant Percentage Bounces
Season Crew GM Minimum Shots 3 points LF Off Def Early pd party Int bp CT Points
2019-20 SAME 67 31 47.7 33.5 77.6 0.8 3.1 3.9 7.3 1.6 0.9 3.3 0.3 17.8
2020-21 SAME 63 33 44.9 30.3 72.8 0.9 3.1 4.0 7.4 1.4 0.9 3.2 0.2 19.1
2021-22 SAME 57 33 49.3 34.4 76.1 1.4 4.4 5.7 6.7 1.5 1.2 3.4 0.4 27.4
2022-23 SAME 61 32 46.6 30.7 74.8 1.0 4.9 5.9 8.1 1.6 1.1 3.4 0.3 26.2
Total 248 32 47.2 32.1 75.3 1.0 3.8 4.8 7.4 1.5 1.0 3.3 0.3 22.4
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How to read the stats? MJ = matches played; Min = Minutes; Shots = Shots made / Shots attempted; 3pts = 3-points / 3-points attempted; LF = free throws made / free throws attempted; Off = offensive rebound; Def= defensive rebound; Tot = Total bounces; Pd = assists; Fte: Personal fouls; Int = Intercepts; Bp = Lost bullets; Ct: Counters; Points = Points.

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