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Paris 2024: how to buy tickets?

Less than two years from the start of Paris 2024 Olympic Games (July 26 – August 11), the first step towards the most prestigious sporting event on the planet will take place this Thursday, December 1.

Indeed, from this date, you will be able to register for a draw, which will give you access two months later (February 2023) to the first phase of ticket sales for the next Olympic Games. It will concern the tailor-made packs and will be 100% digital.

Then a second phase of sales will open six months later (May 2023) and it will concern the single tickets. Again, you will only be able to access it after a draw, to which you will have registered beforehand two months before (March 2023).

As for the first sales phase, that is to say that of the tailor-made packs, everyone can compose it (or them) as they wish, by choosing at least three sessions/tests in their pack, among the multitude of sports offered and possible customization options. For example, you can choose basketball, but also swimming and volleyball. Or downright basketball, basketball and more basketball.

Regarding the draw, there will be no question of asking your options on a sport or even of paying in advance, but simply of registering for it. To obtain the result of this famous draw, you will have to wait until mid-February 2023 (potentially from the 13th), when you will likely receive by email a purchase slot valid for 48 hours and useful to be able to select then pay for your tickets.

No doubt it will be much easier to understand this whole process once on the official website dedicated to the sale of these precious sesames. In the meantime, we offer you a summary of the procedure to follow…


For tailor-made packs (phase 1):

  • December 1, 2022 : start of registration for the draw for the sale of tailor-made packs.
  • January 31, 2023 (6 p.m.) : end of registrations for the draw for the sale of tailor-made packs.
  • Early February 2023 : draw for the allocation of purchase slots for tailor-made packs.
  • February 15, 2023 : start of the sale of tailor-made packs for people drawn at random.

For single tickets (phase 2):

  • During March 2023 : start of registration for the draw for the sale of single tickets.
  • End of April 2023 : end of registrations for the draw for the sale of single tickets.
  • Early May 2023 : draw for the allocation of slots for the purchase of single tickets.
  • Current May 2023 : start of the sale of single tickets for those drawn at random.


  • The tournaments will take place from July 27 to August 11, 2024, with the men’s final scheduled for Saturday 10 (9:30 p.m.) and the women’s final scheduled for Sunday 11 (3:30 p.m.).
  • The preliminary phases will take place in Lille, at the Stade Pierre Mauroy, and the final phases will take place in Paris, at the Palais Omnisports de Bercy.
  • Price of tailor-made tickets (three sessions/events): from 72 euros (3×24) and up to 1,050 euros, depending on the place, the discipline and the prestige of the session/event.
  • Price of single tickets: from 24 euros for the preliminary stages and up to 950 euros for the two grand finals.


  • Everything will happen only on this site:
  • Tickets will not be nominative.
  • There is no point in registering as soon as possible, since everyone will have the same chances in the draw, whether registration took place on December 1 or January 31.
  • The members of the “Club Paris 2024” drawn by lot will be able to benefit from priority access to the sale of tailor-made packs, with the purchase slots of February 15-16-17-18, 2023 which will be reserved for them. Then, from February 19, all people drawn, whether or not they are members of the “Club Paris 2024”, will be able to access the sale of these tailor-made packs.
  • Each buyer can take up to 30 tickets, and up to 6 for the same match (or the same session/event).

  • Financial ceiling set at 1,150 euros.
  • In total, nearly 10 million tickets will be on sale for all of the Olympic Games and the whole world will be able to buy them.
  • An official resale site will be available later.

Complete explanations on the ticketing of the 2024 Olympics

To register for the “Club Paris 2024”

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