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NCAA | Sean Miller further bolsters Xavier’s Class of 2023

Back on the bench at Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) last March, more than ten years after leaving for Arizona University, Sean Miller has been busy in recent weeks to place the Musketeers in the best possible arrangements for the future.

The tactician was particularly focused on the promotion of 2023, since he chained three important recruitments in this promotion in the space of barely a month.

First there was the small but explosive point guard Trey Green early last month, who was coming off a very successful Peach Jam tournament in July. Then, over the past week, there was then fullback Reid Ducharme (pictured) and winger Daylin Swain. Two players, like their future teammate Trey Green, who are not projected as “one-and-dones”, and who should therefore play several seasons in Ohio, offering Sean Miller a rather long-term project in this promotion .

The first is therefore a rear, ranked 84th among the best high school students in his class by ESPN. A tall defender (1m98), he moves very well away from the ball and has a compact and fluid shooting mechanics. A “shooting guard” par excellence, in short. During the Peach Jam tournament in July, he had compiled good averages of 21.6 points, 4.3 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game.

I chose Xavier because I felt an important connection with the staff, and I felt it was the best environment for me. With Coach Miller, we have the same motivationsdid he declare.

The second is a winger who exceeds 2 meters, ranked 87th in 2023. Less focused on shooting than his future teammate, he however presents a more “all-around” profile. He is the winger, this Swiss army knife winger, so precious in current basketball.

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My choice to engage with Xavier had a lot to do with Sean Miller, and what he’s building here. It’s also not very far from home.explained the Columbus nativeOhio.

No doubt, the return of Sean Miller is already having an effect on Xavier.

Photo credit: Xavier Athletics

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